Sensational Season at the Citadel Theatre

Yikes! I am working through a backlog of posts and have started to nix some of the more outdated ones, but while the 2011-12 season at the Citadel Theatre is over, I feel a post about one of my favorite Edmonton institutions is still relevant, especially since they are selling subscriptions to the 2012-13 season.

I have been going to the Citadel ever since high school when students were able to get super cheap tickets to attend shows as part of the student club. I didn’t get to see every production they did back then but Shakespeare was always a must and while I enjoyed the shows, I never considered myself a fan of live theatre until I saw “Into the Woods” at the Citadel. That was when I experienced this beautiful moment of ‘live theatre is not just Shakespeare and “old” plays ala Tennessee Williams and company’ – to this day, “Into the Woods” remains one of my favorite productions of all time. There was a small space in time where university took over both my time and wallet, but after graduating, one of the first things I did was get myself a theatre buddy and Club Friday season tickets (they don’t have these anymore but they were cheap tickets for 18-29 year olds on the first Friday performance of each show). After my theatre buddy stopped going, I also stopped going – apparently I ran into a period where I had no theatre loving friends (how can this be?). But thankfully I met mickyfine and we’ve had season tickets since 2010…

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Scrumptious Xiao Long Bao at Shanghai 456

Since my usual weekend cohorts were all planning to be out of town or spending time with their family over the long weekend, I thought I would be spending a non-social four days at home, but it turns out that lunches with others were in the works, starting with a tweet up at Shanghai 456. Carmen (@foodkarmablog) started things off by tweeting that she wanted to go for Shanghainese and everything snowballed into a small tweet up with Jerry (@Zoomjer), Joe (@stirfryjoe) and Susan (@mollyseats). Let’s just start off by saying I love tweet ups! I’ve gone to a few now and met some really awesome and interesting people. And I haven’t had a bad experience yet – although the first one was a little nerve-wracking (felt like the first day of school = “what if no one likes me???”) – but I would still definitely recommend going to one if you have the opportunity!

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Welcome to The Manor

I’ve been horrifically sick for the past week or so and have been slipping off the blogging bandwagon a little bit, but now that I’m feeling like a human being again, let’s talk about my first trip to The Manor Casual Bistro where we celebrated JP’s quarter life crisis aka Priscilleighfest 2012. As I was (am?) still sick, I missed the after party at The Druid (they have amazing onion rings!), but I still had a great time at The Manor.

The Manor is in this (for lack of a better word) manor off 124 Street and has two floors of dining space. I didn’t know what to expect since a manor makes me think of little old ladies and fussy table settings, but the inside was pretty sleek with dark tables and chairs – the white plates and napkins provided some lovely contrast. JP’s party was on the second floor where we essentially had a little room for our group of 25 people. I loved the room and the little pops of red and with the sun just getting ready to set, there was beautiful light coming in the windows – I also really loved that my seat on the banquette was right next to the red cushion (I like feeling special!). But why read my description when a picture is worth a thousand words (do four pictures equal four thousand words?)

The Manor

Second floor room... looks beautiful no?

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