Gaga for GaYa

Obviously I must be feeling better as I am starting to venture back out into the real world and my usual habit of dining out. I had plans with JP to catch the preview show of Whisper (minor jaunt off track here) which is a collaboration between Catalyst Theatre and the University of Alberta Drama program’s Studio Theatre – if you’re in the Edmonton area, go see this production. It is not in the usual Catalyst Theatre style which always seems larger than life, hugely theatrical and bold – this is a quietly powerful production. JP learned that everything in Whisper is based on the experiences of the actors and it is incredibly compelling to hear their stories as they reflect on memories and experiences, while expressing their hopes, fears and thoughts of the future. I found that I could completely relate to a lot of their experiences like what are your plans after graduation (still grappling with that question myself), what does your future look like, memories of people you’ve lost and moments of pure joy and wonder from childhood. It was nothing like I expected and yet it was everything I would have expected from Catalyst and Studio Theatre – the unexpected is a beautiful thing. So I really recommend going to see it – the play runs until April 7. Ticket prices range from $10 – $20.

Anyways, since JP and I were both on campus, we decided to meet up for a very early dinner (4:45pm – early bird special anyone?) before heading back to our respective offices to do a little more work before the show. One of our favorite campus area haunts is GaYa Korean Restaurant.

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