High Marks for The Marc

Posting twice in one day?! Shocking. Don’t worry this is not precedent setting so let’s not get everyone’s hopes up that I will be an extremely active blogger – I’m just procrastinating from real life.

Tonight I had “date” night with my dear friend JP and we hit up The Marc in downtown Edmonton for Downtown Dining Week. I have never been to The Marc before but the dining week menu certainly gives you incentive to try them out. Let’s start with the decor – no pictures were taken by me because I didn’t want to look like a weirdo standing at the hostess stand taking photos and interrupting other people’s dinners. The whole place had clean lines and a nice, contemporary feeling even though it’s a really cozy and intimate space. But it was not so intimate that you’re all up in your dining neighbour’s face. Plus you’re not talking over other people’s conversations. They did a great job in designing the space for maximum seating without squishing you in like a sardine.

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