Ginger Beef Throwdown at What the Truck

*sigh* Ginger beef… it is one of those quintessential Chinese Canadian dishes that I rail about as being an awful representation of Chinese food. In fact I generally describe it as a bastardized version of Chinese cuisine created to appease the Western palate and I feel the same way about chop suey, lemon/orange chicken and chicken balls etc. – all of those mall food court options just make me sad. But while I hate the idea of these types of foods, I understand their existence as something that Chinese restaurants created to keep their businesses going in the local communities – I just wish we could reach a stage where these types of dishes could go extinct. So why am I ranting about ginger beef? As you could probably tell, despite my lack of love of ginger beef, I went to the ginger beef throwdown at this season’s inaugural What The Truck event. The event was held at the Royal Alberta Museum and was to help promote the Chop Suey on the Prairies exhibit, which focuses on the history of Chinese restaurants in the prairies, hence ginger beef being the theme of the throwdown.

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