Film Feelings: Revolution

Sorry friends, no mani Monday post for this week. I broke most of my nails in Vancouver over the long weekend so I’ll try again for next week. However, I couldn’t let this Monday pass without a video of the week and luckily enough, I do have one for y’all.

Right before the Easter long weekend, I was fortunate enough to get advance screening passes to see Revolution from filmmaker Rob Stewart, who made the wonderful documentary Sharkwater. I’ve developed an affinity for sharks in recent years (I don’t know why) but I thought Sharkwater was very well done and it has certainly highlighted the plight of sharks especially those being killed just for their fins – I definitely no longer consider shark fin soup a delicacy and can’t tell the difference between fake shark fin and the real deal anyway so why bother eating it, therefore I remain hopeful that more cities and countries consider banning the sale of shark fins. But I’m not here to discuss Sharkwater, although if you’ve never seen it – I would encourage you to borrow it from EPL or rent/buy a copy off iTunes etc. and take a peek.

I will admit, an awesome bonus to the advance screening was that Rob Stewart was there in person to do a Q and A session and he is so eloquent and passionate about this topic that for me, the Q and A was even better than the film (but I really enjoyed the film too).

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