Burgers (my way) at BurgerWorks

Let’s start this post off with a disclaimer: I got a message from the owners of BurgerWorks asking me to mention their new promotion on the WWAP blog and I felt that it is not my style to just talk about the promo, so I decided to pop in for lunch and combine a review with more details about the promotion. I did not get paid ( in cash or food) for this review/promotion mention and all opinions in this post are my own. (EDIT: Sadly BurgerWorks is now closed)

Now that we’ve taken care of the disclaimer, let’s talk about the food. BurgerWorks is a (now) locally owned restaurant out in Sherwood Park. It used to be known as Fulton Market Burgers so some of you might remember it as such. BurgerWorks’ slogan is “Gourmet Your Way” so you have a lot of opportunities to create your own signature burger.

BurgerWorks - Gourmet Your Way

BurgerWorks – “Gourmet Your Way”

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