All You Can (M)eat at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Oh the trials of being a food enthusiast (and occasional blogger)… some weeks I pack my schedule with so much eating that food eventually becomes public enemy number 1 (cues up a very tiny violin). The last few weeks have definitely been food heavy as I rarely had dinner at home – of course that means a much healthier eating plan for the next few days. While I eat my fruit and salads, I want to recap a fantastic meal I went to at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse. June is Pork Month and as we have it, BaconFest YEG is back for a second round on June 30. Pampa is participating in BaconFest YEG and as part of that, they are offering a special BaconFest menu for the month of June. My awesome friend Brittney of Gastropost Edmonton fame invited me + a date (my sister Bel) and a few others (like Linda – who is also giving away tickets to BaconFest Yeg!) to head out to Pampa to try the Pampa BaconFest menu.

Pampa's BaconFest Menu

Pampa’s BaconFest Menu

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