New Korean Restaurant Along the Ave: NongBu Korean Eatery

There has a been a mini-Korean restaurant explosion in Edmonton over the past year or so – every time I turn around, it seems like someone is talking about another new place! The newest restaurant on the scene is NongBu Korean Eatery and it is a good one – it is actually just off Whyte Ave in Edmonton instead of along the Ave like my title suggests but close enough? I originally had plans to go with a bunch of my Edmonton food friends, but alas I had a case of the flu and all my plans were nixed. However, good things come to those who wait and when friends up from Calgary asked if I was up for a visit to NongBu – my answer was an enthusiastic yes!

It was a crazy weather day when I popped over to NongBu as there was rain, sunshine and hail all in a very small time frame, but it was great to walk in from the hail/snow to be greeted with a glass of Soju mixed with Milkis (Korean soda)!

Soju and Milkis

Soju and Milkis

Maehwasu - Plum Flavored Liquor

Maehwasu – Plum Flavored Liquor

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