Just Another Manic(ure) Monday: NARSxPierre Hardy ‘Ethno Run’

It’s that time again and as promised I have the other NARSxPierre Hardy nail polish duo up for y’all. Last time we were walking, but this week we’re running with ‘Ethno Run’. I picked ‘Ethno Run’ up from Sephora and it is available online at Sephora or NARS. As for the Manic(ure) Monday song of the week – I’ve decided on some Beyonce because in my mind, it just works for these colours (let me know if something else pops into your mind)?

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Just Another Manic(ure) Monday: NARSxPierre Hardy ‘Easy Walking’

Hello June (and Monday)! This past week, I picked up my favorite nail polish of the moment from Sephora and I cannot stop raving about how much I love this. So on this wonderful Monday, I present to you the limited edition NARS x Pierre Hardy nail polish duo in ‘Easy Walking’. There are 6 different duos and while I want them all, I am being frugal and have only purchased 2 (second set coming up on our next Mani Monday). I decided to start with ‘Easy Walking’ because it is NOT available on the Sephora online site so if you’re interested, you may have to sprint to your local Sephora store to find it or order it off the NARS site. I struggled with this week’s song, but I finally decided to go with ‘Walking on Sunshine’ to celebrate my joy over this awesome nail polish and my hope for a lovely June where I can spend my days walking on sunshine.

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Just Another Manic(ure) Monday: NARS ‘Schiap’

Happy Monday? Spring has been so on and off that I can’t figure out if it’s actually here or not, but that’s not going stop me from transitioning out of my winter style. For instance, I’ve traded in my boots for flats but my concession to cooler temperatures is that I am wearing socks with my flats (I hate socks) and I am moving towards brighter colours with my nail polish, which is of course why this week’s Mani Monday is NARS’ Schiap. This colour is appropriately bright and bubble-gummy and makes me think of the uber-catchy song Barbie Girl by Aqua – so here’s the earworm of the week?

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