Burgers (my way) at BurgerWorks

Let’s start this post off with a disclaimer: I got a message from the owners of BurgerWorks asking me to mention their new promotion on the WWAP blog and I felt that it is not my style to just talk about the promo, so I decided to pop in for lunch and combine a review with more details about the promotion. I did not get paid ( in cash or food) for this review/promotion mention and all opinions in this post are my own. (EDIT: Sadly BurgerWorks is now closed)

Now that we’ve taken care of the disclaimer, let’s talk about the food. BurgerWorks is a (now) locally owned restaurant out in Sherwood Park. It used to be known as Fulton Market Burgers so some of you might remember it as such. BurgerWorks’ slogan is “Gourmet Your Way” so you have a lot of opportunities to create your own signature burger.

BurgerWorks - Gourmet Your Way

BurgerWorks – “Gourmet Your Way”

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BFF Dim Sum at Beijing Beijing

My long weekend eating adventures continued on Monday where I met both C. and JJ. for dim sum at Beijing Beijing. Ever since developing a shrimp allergy a few years ago (devastating times) I’ve slowly started to avoid going out for dim sum as there are a lot of shrimp dishes pushed around on those carts. Luckily after scaring everyone with the “if I eat it, I might die” line, all my friends have been really good about accommodating me and the allergy – it really just means more shrimp for them.

Dim sum

Mmm... dim sum

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Mochi and More at Mikado

Over the weekend, I went out with JJ to shop for a baby crib for her son (my godson) and a few other items. I’ve gone shopping for baby stuff with JJ before and of course purchased gifts for the many baby showers I attend but every time I head into Babies R Us and co., I am stunned by how expensive children are – I’m not sure I can ever afford to have children! One day I will have to ask JJ to do a guest post on baby shopping tips etc. But since I’m not an expert on babies – I only buy cute and fun things,which is what my job as “auntie” and “godmother” entails for now – let’s move on to our lunch at Mikado.

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