Throwback Thursday: Come Dine with Us – Korean Feast Potluck

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t help reiterating how much I love the Edmonton twitter community, in particular the food lovers! I’ve met so many awesome people that are no longer just “twitter friends” but wonderful “in real life” friends and nothing says friendship like cooking and eating together. So that’s what we did – a bunch of us have been bouncing around the idea of a Korean food dinner and it finally came together in early February as a Korean Feast potluck.

Lesley and Steve kindly offered to host our event in their beautiful home (I covet their kitchen so much) and Addie, Amanda, Andrea, Dan, Lillian, Kathryn, Michelle and I came over armed with Korean recipes – Thank you Maangchi!

We kicked things off with Apple-Lime soju cocktails and I was a happy happy camper with these, although I am always happy once the soju comes out.

Apple Lime Soju Cocktail

Apple Lime Soju Cocktail

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