Overindulged at Indulgence Edmonton

So… I am a bad blogger. I have neglected my little piece of the Internet for a long(ish) time – thank goodness, the WWAP blog is not a living creature (this is also why I have a black thumb and no pets)! I am very sorry for the lack of posts but yet I cannot guarantee it won’t happen again? Anyways, I hope we can move past this and continue to have a wonderful relationship (let’s not break up!).

Let’s move on to the really good stuff – today’s recap of Indulgence Edmonton, which took place on June 11 at the Delta South. If an event is named Indulgence, I think it’s a pretty good indication that it will be of epic proportions. Indulgence Edmonton is an event put together by a committee of volunteers from the food/wine community with proceeds going to the Junior League of Edmonton‘s food related programs. The chefs incorporated local products into their dishes and there was wine (and lots of it) to be paired with each dish [note: I had to stop drinking about 4 dishes in because I can only drink so much before I embarrass myself].

I have to say that everyone involved with Indulgence (chefs, volunteers, staff etc.) deserves a huge round of applause for putting together a fantastic event.  They sold out of tickets and the room was packed full of people (made me regret wearing a cardigan – it was HOT in there!) enjoying themselves. I had an amazing time chatting and eating with my fellow foodie peeps, so in my opinion, a great success.

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