Randomly Awesome Roundup May 4, 2012

So I have a bajillion things that I want to talk about but they are much too minor to warrant their own blog post (ok I also don’t think I will get around to writing about them all either) so I think I’m going to toss all their awesomeness into a “Randomly AWesome Roundup” henceforth known as RAwR.

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Toss me another slice of that will ya?

It’s been ages since I graduated from b-school (don’t bother asking when) but I look back upon that time in my life with fondness, especially the wonderful group of friends I made in those 3.5 short years. I will admit that I am really awful for keeping in touch with people unless they are on facebook (I always remember their birthdays!) or some other form of social media, but I try (A+ for effort?). I try to see two of my best b-school friends (C. and JJ) on a semi-regular basis, but it is difficult with work and families (they are both married with super adorable children!), which means I always look forward to meeting up so we can catch up on life as we know it.

We met up for a lunch date at Famoso Pizzeria – It’s slowly becoming our place to meet ever since I introduced them to the awesomeness that is Famoso. C. even visits so much that she’s a lunch regular! With so many menu options, we still managed to order a few of my favorite dishes (yay for similar tastes!) to share:

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