Sunworks Farm Tour 2017

If you know me, or follow me via social media (or on the blog), you can probably tell that I’m a pretty solid city slicker, so any time I get an opportunity to check out a farm to see where my food comes from, I’m down. Several bloggers (obviously including yours truly) were invited to visit Sunworks Farm on a beautiful Sunday to see how their certified organic farm operates and as well as to partake in a dinner catered by Quarter Section Food Co. using Sunworks products.

Sheila, Isaac and Ron as they give us a quick intro to Sunworks Farm and what they're all about

Sheila, Isaac and Ron as they give us a quick intro to Sunworks Farm and what they’re all about

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Event Recap: Feastival 2015

Hello October! I have no idea where September went but I am decidedly unprepared for fall in nearly all aspects of my life, except for the eating. When I think of fall, it’s all about the start of the academic school year and that slow build up to the holiday (eating) season, so it’s quite appropriate that one of the events I attended last month was Feastival of Fine Chefs. Feastival is an event put on by the Alberta Food Processors Association that supports second year apprentice chefs in Alberta via the Stan Ballard Apprenticeship Fund.



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A Recap of the Prairie Noodle Shop Ramen Pop-ups

Ramen… I remember the very first time I had ramen that was not instant “ramen” – it was at Kintaro Ramen in Vancouver and it was pretty much a life changing experience. Every since then, I have been on the hunt for the rich, umami taste that I experienced back in Vancouver. I have had ramen-ish experiences in Edmonton but nothing that was reminiscent of that very first bowl. But I think Prairie Noodle Shop is out to change the ramen landscape in Edmonton and I, for one am 100% on board for the Edmonton Ramen revolution.

Prairie Noodle Shop has been hosting a series of pop-ups over the past year to help them develop and refine their core recipes and I have had the privilege to make it to all four pop-ups. The frenzy surrounding the pop-ups have involved all seats (100-150 bowls) being sold out in 5 minutes or less! The good news is that Prairie Noodle Shop is going to be moving to a permanent bricks and mortar location on 124 Street some time this year – the timing is dependent on when the City approves their development permits etc.

The very first bowl I had from Prairie Noodle Shop was in October of last year where they sold the bowls as a first come first serve – the line for the 8pm seating started early and was sold out by 7:45pm. Edmonton was definitely chomping on the bit to get their first taste of Prairie Noodle ramen. The initial bowl was an Alberta pork based ramen using Irvings Farm Berkshire Pork – I vaguely remember hearing something about smoking the bones outside, so they did use every part of the pig that they could. The Alberta pork ramen had a shio style broth that was made with the smoked bones, dashi and dried shrimp. The toppings with this included pork done not one, not two but three ways: char-siu style, shredded ham and shoulders, and a crispy chicharon, sweet corn and an umeboshi (Japanese salted plum) egg. For someone who doesn’t love eggs, this umeboshi egg is *almost* enough to change my mind… I just end up giving the egg yolk to one of my friends and eating the rest myself. Finally, I want to talk about one of the most important things in a good ramen, the noodles – the Prairie Noodle Shop partners did try making their own noodles, but in the end decided it was a better option to have them made fresh by a Chinese lady (who remains a secret) instead. The noodles are very good and have that delightful “bite”/chew that you want in your ramen noodles.

Alberta Pork Ramen - Shio broth with pork done three ways (char-siu style, shredded ham and shoulder, crispy chicharon), sweet corn, and umeboshi egg

Alberta Pork Ramen – Shio broth with pork done three ways (char-siu style, shredded ham and shoulder, crispy chicharon), sweet corn, and umeboshi egg

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Randomly Awesome Roundup May 4, 2012

So I have a bajillion things that I want to talk about but they are much too minor to warrant their own blog post (ok I also don’t think I will get around to writing about them all either) so I think I’m going to toss all their awesomeness into a “Randomly AWesome Roundup” henceforth known as RAwR.

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