Learning to Make Lo Bak Goh (Chinese Turnip Cake)

As I mentioned before – I have a mad love for Chinese turnip cake (aka lo bak goh/luo bo gao/蘿蔔糕) and that my Aunt makes a ridiculously delicious version. Well, after a short visit with her the other day, she invited me to come over and document the Chinese turnip cake process! I was all over this because that means there will be goodies to take home afterwards (yay edible results!). Just a reminder of what Chinese turnip cake looks like:

Chinese Turnip Cake

Chinese Turnip Cake (from Beijing Beijing)

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BFF Dim Sum at Beijing Beijing

My long weekend eating adventures continued on Monday where I met both C. and JJ. for dim sum at Beijing Beijing. Ever since developing a shrimp allergy a few years ago (devastating times) I’ve slowly started to avoid going out for dim sum as there are a lot of shrimp dishes pushed around on those carts. Luckily after scaring everyone with the “if I eat it, I might die” line, all my friends have been really good about accommodating me and the allergy – it really just means more shrimp for them.

Dim sum

Mmm... dim sum

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Scrumptious Xiao Long Bao at Shanghai 456

Since my usual weekend cohorts were all planning to be out of town or spending time with their family over the long weekend, I thought I would be spending a non-social four days at home, but it turns out that lunches with others were in the works, starting with a tweet up at Shanghai 456. Carmen (@foodkarmablog) started things off by tweeting that she wanted to go for Shanghainese and everything snowballed into a small tweet up with Jerry (@Zoomjer), Joe (@stirfryjoe) and Susan (@mollyseats). Let’s just start off by saying I love tweet ups! I’ve gone to a few now and met some really awesome and interesting people. And I haven’t had a bad experience yet – although the first one was a little nerve-wracking (felt like the first day of school = “what if no one likes me???”) – but I would still definitely recommend going to one if you have the opportunity!

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