Piles of Pie for Pi Day!

It only seems appropriate that I bombard y’all with photos of pie (again if you already follow me on twitter/instagram) on pi day. To be honest though, pi day was the furthest thing on my mind when I asked A and JP if they wanted to get together and bake some pies. I was just hoping to lower the cost per use on my Breville mini pie maker!

Mini Pie Maker

Mini Pie Maker!

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Winefest Win

I originally wasn’t planning on attending Winefest as I had to work during the industry tasting and couldn’t afford the $75 ticket price in my Frugal February budget, but JP won tickets for the Saturday afternoon tasting and invited me along (yay JP!).

Winefest is an all inclusive event held at the Shaw Conference Centre that allows participants to sample hundreds of different wines from all the around the world. While I like wine, there was no way we would be able to sample everything and I have to admit, I was really harsh with which sips I finished and which ones I just dumped out. But there was so much wine that I probably missed some really good ones, but *shrug* that’s what next year is for?

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Argenplath Family Christmas

One of my favorite holidays is Christmas and not just because it means presents, although I love getting presents – I get this immense satisfaction out of opening boxes. I love going out and shopping for the perfect gifts for my friends and family, it brings me so much joy when I get just the right thing for people! But beyond that, I always look forward to Christmas dinner  with my extended family. I know some people cringe about spending time with extended family and whatnot but I think my family is pretty awesome! My cousins are all super great and so much fun – and most importantly, no one pries into anyone else’s private life – we eat, chat and then break out the wii so my little cousins can show everyone how video games are meant to be played.

Our tradition is to have an Asian-fusion dinner on Boxing Day, but we have bucked tradition this year and had Christmas dinner on the 23rd (which is why I have time to blog on Christmas Day). In addition to changing the date, Argenplath Mama also nixed the “Asian” part of dinner – I don’t know if I can handle so much change…

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