Calgary Food Tour: Charcut Roast House

So in August (I know – it’s already October but I did say I had a backlog of posts) I took off for a weekend in Calgary to visit my awesome friend Carmen (aka @FoodKarmaBlog) and what a weekend trip that was! Carmen essentially took A. (road trip driver extraordinaire) and I on a Calgary food tour of epic proportions (we still have a mile long list of places to hit) as I seriously could not look at food for days afterwards.

Stop one on the tour was the eating bar at Charcut Roast House. The eating bar overlooks the kitchen so you can see everything the chefs are doing and some of them will even stop and chat for a minute or two. I wish I had thought of taking a picture of the view from the eating bar but I was distracted by this potentially judgy piggy and forgot all about the view…

Judgy Piggy?

Are you judging me?!

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