Piles of Pie for Pi Day!

It only seems appropriate that I bombard y’all with photos of pie (again if you already follow me on twitter/instagram) on pi day. To be honest though, pi day was the furthest thing on my mind when I asked A and JP if they wanted to get together and bake some pies. I was just hoping to lower the cost per use on my Breville mini pie maker!

Mini Pie Maker

Mini Pie Maker!

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Let Them Eat Cake (and other baked goods)!

As previously mentioned, cooking is really not my area of expertise (those pesky knives) but baking on the other hand is right up my alley. Yesterday (or today depending on how you want to look at it) a few of my friends (A., JP and Mickyfine) and I decided to have the baking day to end all baking days. We are talking about extremely ambitious plans to bake like it is going out of style – JP kindly offered to host the party and since he is not a baker, A. and I pretty much hauled our baking kitchens over (i.e. mixers, mixing bowls, measuring cups, cookie trays and other baking supplies). The list of things to make were: cake pops, coconut cream pie, Korean hoddeok, macarons, and nutella and strawberry dessert pizza. Sugar overload anyone?

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