Monday Blues (and greens)

It’s Monday. Seriously I hate Mondays with a passion – probably because it is yet another reminder that I haven’t accomplished everything that I meant to do the week before. I think this is why my body loves to get sick on Sunday night/Monday morning – I mean I get that it’s trying to be helpful and all but that means I have to spend the whole day feeling gross. I would however rather face Monday than be sick (please take notes body). This Monday is particularly awful since we had to time change on Sunday and I hate when I magically (or not so magically) lose an hour of my life due to some arbitrary decision someone else makes (I want to lose time on my own terms!) – Props to Saskatchewan for laughing in the face of time change.

So what can make the Monday Blues go away? A new(ish) purse and shoes! I do love my accessories…

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