Living La Vida Local: Yellow House Consignment

I have been thinking about which local business I wanted to talk about next and I have a great list of places in Edmonton that I love, but wanted to focus on one that is a little newer or maybe less well known, so it’s very serendipitous that I recently learned about Yellow House Consignment. I originally found Yellow House Consignment on Instagram where the owner Miranda posts photos of all the beautiful items she has for sale. I chatted with Miranda for a few minutes at her open house event and learned that Yellow House Consignment has only been open for about 3 months. She said that she does take items in from consignors in addition to purchasing some from thrift shops etc. Miranda is already full for summer consignors, but she may be opening up space for consignors in the Fall – I know that I will probably be contacting her about consigning a few things once I get around to cleaning my closet!

Miranda hosted an open house this past weekend and I was able to pop over after running a few errands to check out everything she had in stock. The quantity of clothing was actually quite surprising to me since Yellow House Consignment is run out of Miranda’s home and items are generally either sold via facebook, instagram or appointments. There were several racks of clothing and lots of these had not been photographed and posted online yet. I wish I had a nice photo to show y’all but unfortunately, the sun was streaming in through the wrong angle for me to capture all the racks. Miranda has a lot of great brands (I saw Anthopologie, Michael Kors, BCBG and more) and she even had items from local designers like Fridget Apparel!

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Living La Vida Local: Revojuiceinary

We have all heard of Living La Vida Loca right? I don’t know about you, but I think I have finally reached the age (haha I am not sharing what that is publicly) where the “living the crazy life” is too much for my poor weary bones. Instead, I am definitely trying to live, eat, shop (and more) locally, so I thought I would take the time to talk about some really great local businesses that I’ve come across in Edmonton. I am not going to lie, there was a time I couldn’t wait to get out of here and move to the “big leagues” like Vancouver and Toronto, but really truly, my hometown has grown on me a lot and I am reluctant to think about moving away. While moving may happen for a host of reasons, because Edmonton is a boring, uninspired etc city is definitely not going to one of them.

So the first business in the series I want to talk about is Revojuiceinary. I really like that Revojuiceinary states in their “about us” that they are about social entrepreneurship and want to be a counter-proposal to a for-profit business and that they clearly lay out what that means for them. Obviously, they have to be a sustainable/profitable business but I think their goals are very laudable.

I originally heard about Revojuiceinary at a Hawkers Market event (I don’t know if/when another Edmonton one will pop up) – I was thirsty and they had juice – it was a definitely a demand meet supply moment. I tried their mojito juice and I really enjoyed it… in fact I didn’t miss the rum! Another thing I love about their products is that they use glass mason jars as the container for the juice. Huge points for sustainability there! While I don’t can or pickle foods, several of my friends do, and I am happy to pass these along to them. Also the jars are great lunch containers, so I do keep one or two on hand.

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Sneak Peek at Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma finally opened up an Edmonton location in West Edmonton Mall on Saturday, September 22! I was lucky enough to be invited to get a sneak peek a few days before the grand opening. I am a huge lover of kitchen gadgets and whenever I am in Calgary, heading to the Williams-Sonoma in Chinook mall is a must, so I am beyond delighted that we finally have one 15 minutes away! I had a great time with a bunch of Edmonton’s awesomest bloggers oohing and aahing over everything in the store. I think there were a lot of wish lists being made on the spot and there was definitely disappointment that the tills were not up and running just yet.

Obviously, I am a bit late mentioning this but there are several demos and tastings going on during the grand opening weekend (there is still today), so if you have some (or a lot of) time – just pop down to West Edmonton Mall and visit Williams-Sonoma on the second floor across from the Apple store (closest entrance is entrance #9). In the near future, the store will also offer technique classes such as knife skills and other fun events, so keep an eye out on the website for more details.

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