A Recap of the Prairie Noodle Shop Ramen Pop-ups

Ramen… I remember the very first time I had ramen that was not instant “ramen” – it was at Kintaro Ramen in Vancouver and it was pretty much a life changing experience. Every since then, I have been on the hunt for the rich, umami taste that I experienced back in Vancouver. I have had ramen-ish experiences in Edmonton but nothing that was reminiscent of that very first bowl. But I think Prairie Noodle Shop is out to change the ramen landscape in Edmonton and I, for one am 100% on board for the Edmonton Ramen revolution.

Prairie Noodle Shop has been hosting a series of pop-ups over the past year to help them develop and refine their core recipes and I have had the privilege to make it to all four pop-ups. The frenzy surrounding the pop-ups have involved all seats (100-150 bowls) being sold out in 5 minutes or less! The good news is that Prairie Noodle Shop is going to be moving to a permanent bricks and mortar location on 124 Street some time this year – the timing is dependent on when the City approves their development permits etc.

The very first bowl I had from Prairie Noodle Shop was in October of last year where they sold the bowls as a first come first serve – the line for the 8pm seating started early and was sold out by 7:45pm. Edmonton was definitely chomping on the bit to get their first taste of Prairie Noodle ramen. The initial bowl was an Alberta pork based ramen using Irvings Farm Berkshire Pork – I vaguely remember hearing something about smoking the bones outside, so they did use every part of the pig that they could. The Alberta pork ramen had a shio style broth that was made with the smoked bones, dashi and dried shrimp. The toppings with this included pork done not one, not two but three ways: char-siu style, shredded ham and shoulders, and a crispy chicharon, sweet corn and an umeboshi (Japanese salted plum) egg. For someone who doesn’t love eggs, this umeboshi egg is *almost* enough to change my mind… I just end up giving the egg yolk to one of my friends and eating the rest myself. Finally, I want to talk about one of the most important things in a good ramen, the noodles – the Prairie Noodle Shop partners did try making their own noodles, but in the end decided it was a better option to have them made fresh by a Chinese lady (who remains a secret) instead. The noodles are very good and have that delightful “bite”/chew that you want in your ramen noodles.

Alberta Pork Ramen - Shio broth with pork done three ways (char-siu style, shredded ham and shoulder, crispy chicharon), sweet corn, and umeboshi egg

Alberta Pork Ramen – Shio broth with pork done three ways (char-siu style, shredded ham and shoulder, crispy chicharon), sweet corn, and umeboshi egg

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All You Can (M)eat at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Oh the trials of being a food enthusiast (and occasional blogger)… some weeks I pack my schedule with so much eating that food eventually becomes public enemy number 1 (cues up a very tiny violin). The last few weeks have definitely been food heavy as I rarely had dinner at home – of course that means a much healthier eating plan for the next few days. While I eat my fruit and salads, I want to recap a fantastic meal I went to at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse. June is Pork Month and as we have it, BaconFest YEG is back for a second round on June 30. Pampa is participating in BaconFest YEG and as part of that, they are offering a special BaconFest menu for the month of June. My awesome friend Brittney of Gastropost Edmonton fame invited me + a date (my sister Bel) and a few others (like Linda – who is also giving away tickets to BaconFest Yeg!) to head out to Pampa to try the Pampa BaconFest menu.

Pampa's BaconFest Menu

Pampa’s BaconFest Menu

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Oh Honey… It’s Getting Hot in Here: Honey & Hot Sauce Pop-Up at The Common

It’s been awhile since The Common has hosted a pop-up dinner… I think the last one was way back in 2013, so I was pretty excited to see a tweet a few weeks ago saying a pop-up dinner was going down on May 26. Of course as soon as I saw the date, I cringed because it’s the end of the month and I am over my monthly budget. I was going to have to pass on the pop-up but I got really lucky because Andrea had a contest giving away tickets to the event… I didn’t win at first but the original winner wasn’t able to make it to the event so I was able to get myself a spot at her table! The theme of this pop-up with “Honey and Hot Sauce”, which I thought was great – there is nothing like a good sweet and spicy pairing, although hopefully not too spicy since I am a wimp when it comes to spicy things.

Honey & Hot Sauce Pop-Up Menu

Honey & Hot Sauce Pop-Up Menu

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