Living La Vida Local: Canova Pasticceria

Hey friends! I am still here and kind of around… Even though we all know that I am not one of the most consistent bloggers out there (ha!), I do try to keep up on social media and I am just going to say it now – school is killing me on all the social media fronts! Somehow, I decided that completing all my classes by April (just in time for June graduation) was a good idea and I am taking seven classes this semester. Past me was obviously more energetic than current me! One of the upsides and downsides to doing a MBA program is the tremendous amount of group work that happens. The perks are working with insanely fun and bright people, but the downside is definitely trying to coordinate the schedules of 5 people – I have had meetings at 9:30pm and that makes me a sad panda… The only thing that makes group meetings fun would be snacks and coffee (lots and lots of coffee!), so luckily for me (and my group), Canova Pasticceria reached out to share their story and they offered to put together a pastry tray for our MBA group so that we could see what they’re about and to provide feedback on their products.

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Living La Vida Local: Bling on 124 Street

I wasn’t planning on writing another Living La Vida Local post so soon but I found a home decor shop that I have never heard of before and had to share this with y’all right away. Today my pal Cindy and I were going on our own little 124 Street shop crawl and we walked past the coolest looking store and just had to stop. While Bling is new to 124 Street, it is not new to Edmonton as they recently relocated from their space near City Hall over to 124 Street.

Bling at 10612-124 Street

Bling at 10612-124 Street

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Living La Vida Local: Kickstarter Edition – twentyfour coffee

For the longest time I was a non-coffee drinker – in fact, despite my current love for a great cup of coffee, I was anti-coffee up until the moment of my first grad school all nighter. Even then, coffee was used as a last resort to boost my energy just long enough to hand in whatever was due. However, during that time, I started learning a lot about the type of coffee I like and becoming pickier about the coffee I drank. I struggle with pre-ground coffee from the grocery store (although it will do in a pinch) and prefer to grab locally roasted coffee beans and grind them myself, stopping in at a local coffee shop, or barring that, I do have a nespresso machine that I really like too. So why am I going on about coffee? Well, I just found out about a very cool local kickstarter that was recently launched and wanted to share it with all my fellow coffee lovers!

twentyfour coffee advent calendar packaging

Isn’t the packaging for this coffee advent calendar just beautiful?! Photo from

twentyfour coffee has a kickstarter campaign going on to produce a craft coffee advent calendar – at first blush, you would think that this would already be a thing, but upon reflection, this is the first time I’ve heard of one! The advent calendar would have 24 different 2oz coffees from a handful of independent Canadian coffee roasters like Transcend Coffee, which is a local favorite of mine. I really love this project not just because it speaks to my caffeine loving soul or that it is fulfilling a need I never knew I had, but because it’s a local project that is promoting independent coffee roasters. I can’t wait to see what coffee roasters across the country have to offer or even ones here in Edmonton as I haven’t tried all of them yet either. There are lots of interesting advent calendars these days (not just those cheap chocolate ones) and I think this one will find a place with coffee lovers everywhere (it only ships to Canada and the US for now). For more information about the kickstarter campaign, check out their campaign page!

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

Living La Vida Local to me isn’t only about buying local, but also supporting local initiatives and projects, so I have already pledged my $120 (I’m putting my money where my mouth is :p) in hopes of receiving a craft coffee advent calendar if the kickstarter gets funded. I know a total of $120 ($95 for the calendar and $25 for shipping) sounds like a lot but really it works out to $10/month or 2 lattes or 5 regular coffees, which isn’t really that much when I think about how much I spend on coffee each month. For those that are leery of spending $120, there is also a $30 reward which would give you a sample pack of 3 random coffees, so you could still get the advent calendar feeling on a smaller budget! There is a twitter/facebook contest going on as well where you can enter to win 1 of 5 craft coffee advent calendars (provided the project gets funded). So, if you’re a coffee fan. I would encourage you to check out twentyfour coffee’s project and support them in whatever way you can, whether it is actually funding them or just sharing their project with others!

Living La Vida Local: Yellow House Consignment

I have been thinking about which local business I wanted to talk about next and I have a great list of places in Edmonton that I love, but wanted to focus on one that is a little newer or maybe less well known, so it’s very serendipitous that I recently learned about Yellow House Consignment. I originally found Yellow House Consignment on Instagram where the owner Miranda posts photos of all the beautiful items she has for sale. I chatted with Miranda for a few minutes at her open house event and learned that Yellow House Consignment has only been open for about 3 months. She said that she does take items in from consignors in addition to purchasing some from thrift shops etc. Miranda is already full for summer consignors, but she may be opening up space for consignors in the Fall – I know that I will probably be contacting her about consigning a few things once I get around to cleaning my closet!

Miranda hosted an open house this past weekend and I was able to pop over after running a few errands to check out everything she had in stock. The quantity of clothing was actually quite surprising to me since Yellow House Consignment is run out of Miranda’s home and items are generally either sold via facebook, instagram or appointments. There were several racks of clothing and lots of these had not been photographed and posted online yet. I wish I had a nice photo to show y’all but unfortunately, the sun was streaming in through the wrong angle for me to capture all the racks. Miranda has a lot of great brands (I saw Anthopologie, Michael Kors, BCBG and more) and she even had items from local designers like Fridget Apparel!

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Living La Vida Local: Revojuiceinary

We have all heard of Living La Vida Loca right? I don’t know about you, but I think I have finally reached the age (haha I am not sharing what that is publicly) where the “living the crazy life” is too much for my poor weary bones. Instead, I am definitely trying to live, eat, shop (and more) locally, so I thought I would take the time to talk about some really great local businesses that I’ve come across in Edmonton. I am not going to lie, there was a time I couldn’t wait to get out of here and move to the “big leagues” like Vancouver and Toronto, but really truly, my hometown has grown on me a lot and I am reluctant to think about moving away. While moving may happen for a host of reasons, because Edmonton is a boring, uninspired etc city is definitely not going to one of them.

So the first business in the series I want to talk about is Revojuiceinary. I really like that Revojuiceinary states in their “about us” that they are about social entrepreneurship and want to be a counter-proposal to a for-profit business and that they clearly lay out what that means for them. Obviously, they have to be a sustainable/profitable business but I think their goals are very laudable.

I originally heard about Revojuiceinary at a Hawkers Market event (I don’t know if/when another Edmonton one will pop up) – I was thirsty and they had juice – it was a definitely a demand meet supply moment. I tried their mojito juice and I really enjoyed it… in fact I didn’t miss the rum! Another thing I love about their products is that they use glass mason jars as the container for the juice. Huge points for sustainability there! While I don’t can or pickle foods, several of my friends do, and I am happy to pass these along to them. Also the jars are great lunch containers, so I do keep one or two on hand.

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