Argenplath Family Christmas

One of my favorite holidays is Christmas and not just because it means presents, although I love getting presents – I get this immense satisfaction out of opening boxes. I love going out and shopping for the perfect gifts for my friends and family, it brings me so much joy when I get just the right thing for people! But beyond that, I always look forward to Christmas dinner  with my extended family. I know some people cringe about spending time with extended family and whatnot but I think my family is pretty awesome! My cousins are all super great and so much fun – and most importantly, no one pries into anyone else’s private life – we eat, chat and then break out the wii so my little cousins can show everyone how video games are meant to be played.

Our tradition is to have an Asian-fusion dinner on Boxing Day, but we have bucked tradition this year and had Christmas dinner on the 23rd (which is why I have time to blog on Christmas Day). In addition to changing the date, Argenplath Mama also nixed the “Asian” part of dinner – I don’t know if I can handle so much change…

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