Lack of Luxe in April 2012’s Luxe Box

Alright, so y’all remember my disappointment in my first three luxe boxes, well April was not much better so I’ve never been more relieved that I have finally cancelled my subscription. I was originally worried that I would find April so super amazing and awesome that I would regret my decision.

Let’s start out with the arrival of the box. It came on May 1 – I don’t think I’ve ever received a box before the very last few days of the month (maybe February) but according to their website, luxe boxes are supposed to get shipped mid-month (so even if it takes 5-6 days to arrive, you still get it by the early 20-something dates)  and then you get charged for the following month at the end of the month. If you are like me and receiving boxes at the end of the month, it really sucks that you pretty much get charged for the next month before getting the current month’s box. I think if the boxes were more awesome, I could deal with the lateness but if I am constantly on the verge of cancelling, I need the box to show up early enough to convince me that I should/shouldn’t cancel.

So how did April’s box look? Well see for yourself:

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Luxe Box Reviews: January – March 2012

Back in December, my Mom was watching a segment on BNN (Business News Network) that talked about Luxe Boxes, which are these boxes of deluxe samples that are sent to subscribers every month. Each month you would receive 4-5 deluxe samples in a cute little box for a monthly fee – samples range from makeup, skin care, hair and body etc. As a makeup junkie, this sounded right up my alley, I love testing out different brands even though I am relatively brand loyal – it just means adding another fave brand into my collection! I did check out the brands that they had listed on their page and they were all higher end brands that don’t always have samples available so I was pretty stoked to give it a try. I signed up and eagerly awaited my first luxe box in January.

Luxe Box

Luxe Box with personalized sticker saying this was made just for you!

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