Hello and welcome to Argenplath.com. I am your host (aka blogger) Argenplath!

I am not very good at introducing myself and the blog but here goes anyways – I am an information specialist (which is not quite as well defined as one would hope), but I really like to think of myself as a generalist in many things. Of course I also consider myself a food explorer, fashion/beauty junkie and film fanatic – there are of course many other dimensions to me but these are probably the three areas I will talk about the most here on the blog. So if I had to define this space, I would characterize it as a lifestyle blog or perhaps more importantly my lifestyle blog. I have many interests and I use this blog as a platform to share those interests and opinions with the wider world (or at the very least, my friends and family).

I was born and raised here in Edmonton, AB, Canada and only in the past several years have I really started to fall in love with my hometown. I truly believe the city has changed a lot and the local engagement for me has increased exponentially so I really feel that I am finally taking the time to re-explore this city and share my experiences with y’all. This blog has essentially sprouted out of my love for connecting via social media, in particular twitter, but my inability to say things in 140 characters or less limits me a bit (sometimes I get a little wordy) – my love for parentheses is probably a major contributor to that.

So thanks for coming by and visiting. Please feel free to leave a comment or connect with me via instagram, twitter, or email:

  • Instagram: @Argenplath
  • Twitter: @Argenplath
  • Email: Argenplath[at]gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog looks great. Will try the new Alberta Hotel. Whatever happened to the previous owners? They were great.
    BTW, an “entrée” is the first course or appetizer to a meal. It means entry to the meal. Your main dish is just that: main dish. Just saying


    • Thanks for your comments Peggy! The owners of Tavern 1903 ran into issues with the lease, so they ended up closing quite suddenly.

      I know that the majority of the world uses entreé in reference to the appetizer course and I do tend to use entreé in reference to the main course as is custom in the North American context. There was some weird phrasing with “main entree”, which was missed in my proof reading process and fixed now, but I will also be more aware of my word choices in future posts. 🙂


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