Living La Vida Local: Honest Dumplings ATB Boostr Campaign

Hello my lovelies! It’s time for another edition of “Living La Vida Local” and I want to talk about Honest Dumplings and their new ATB BoostR campaign. I am a huge fan of crowdfunding campaigns in general as there is something about contributing to a new business idea that I love. I find pitches, ideas and just a good story really compelling and one of my favorite platforms to find projects is ATB BoostR. I particularly like ATB BoostR because it is provincial platform and I can find a lot of interesting local projects that I may not know about.

In this case, I was invited by Honest Dumplings to their crowdfunding campaign launch party last night. The party was going down in their new facility in downtown Edmonton (10552 114 St) – you can also visit the retail space there (for now – hours will increase in the future) on Thursdays and Fridays between 12-6pm! Their BoostR campaign runs until July 14, 2018 and they are seeking $10,000 to help get their dumpling factory going.

Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumplings Crowdfunding Campaign

Honest Dumplings Crowdfunding Campaign

I am always here for more dumplings, but the thing I absolutely loved about their facility is that it will also be a food accelerator. What does that mean? Well, it will be a place for food companies to come in a scale up their production (e.g. moving out of their home kitchens) in a provincially regulated building. In addition to being able to access commercial equipment, there will also be desk and meeting room spaces for the companies, so they can build their business outside the home. The flexible retail space out front will allow for tastings, demos and pop-ups, so companies can host events and sell products there.

Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumplings – Carrot Cake Dumplings, Ginger Beef Bites Dumplings, Cauliflower and Feta Dumplings, Kung Pao Tofu Dumplings

One of the messages I heard at the event was that Honest Dumplings wants to help other companies succeed and share successes as they grow. I am all for building community and connections and I love this sentiment so much – I truly believe there is space for everyone, it’s not about fighting for a bigger share of a pie, but rather making the pie big enough for everyone to grow together.

Honest Dumplings and Flavour Wheel

I have already supported their campaign (they are already 10% of the way there after a day!) and I hope that you will consider it as well. The rewards range from dumplings (obviously), swag, workshops, classes and dumpling parties for you and your friends!

Honest Dumplings Carnivore Variety Pack

Who isn’t here for a dinosaur on packaging?!

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