Subscription Service Review: Sticker Swaps

Being a student (again) has been an exhausting and yet super rewarding experience, but it has certainly forced me to really think about how I spend my free time, and unfortunately, blogging has fallen to the wayside. But Reading Week is upon us and I have declared today to be a day off to do fun things, so let’s catch up on some reviews, starting with Sticker Swaps!

When I was younger, I was an avid sticker collector and spent huge portions of my allowance on stickers of all varieties, but Sandylion and Sanrio stickers were definitely my favorites. As an adult, I am still drawn to stickers, but wouldn’t really go out and buy them to put on things, I suppose eventually we have to “grow up”, although this hasn’t stopped me from putting a giant “sticker”/skin on the back of my laptop.

Sticker Swaps, which is based in the UK, reached out a while back and asked if I would be interested reviewing in their subscription service where subscribers are sent an envelope each month with high quality stickers and my inner child was like ‘YES!’. Sticker Swaps stickers are nothing like the ones of my childhood, but it did remind me of the ones that people put on their skateboards and of course, now I see a lot on laptops. As you can see – I received an envelope with 10 vinyl stickers of varying sizes and designs!

Sticker Swap Stickers!

Sticker Swap Stickers!

 As the stickers you received are a surprise, not everything will be quite up your alley, but you can send an envelope of stickers to Sticker Swaps and trade them for an envelope of new stickers, which I think is super cool and fun, just like trading stickers with your friends at recess (I also did this a lot).


I really like the variety of stickers in the pack and how they could appeal to different people, this top set of stickers is not quite for me, but the nostalgia factor of the game boy was great. My teenage cousin though, loved them and yoinked these guys over the holidays! In fact, he slapped that top sticker onto his laptop as soon as I said that he was welcome to take it.


These stickers were definitely more my style as I like the simpleness of them and the black colour schemes! The “Live to Explore the Day” sticker is my favorite as it really captures how I like to approach life, so I have to really think about the perfect place for me to stick it.


This colourful set of stickers made me laugh a lot, I like how it goes from very cute with the pink hamster (is that a hamster? gerbil?)  to the slighter darker mushroom and Stabby Gabby stickers. Again, my cousin was really interested in the mushroom and Stabby Gabby, so he took those ones from me too.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

I think the Sticker Swaps subscription is fairly reasonable at $10 USD (the awful CAD/USD exchange rate notwithstanding) since it comes with a good number of high quality stickers and free shipping. I don’t know what a sticker like this would cost in store, but I would imagine it would be a few dollars, but the unknown/surprise aspect of Sticker Swaps makes everything more fun, plus the option to trade stickers is also really great!

For those sticker fiends out there that are interested in checking Sticker Swaps out, here is a code for 50% off your first month (good for any subscription option): BLOG50.

Disclaimer: Sticker Swaps provided the above sticker subscription envelope for my review, however, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions on the products remain my own.


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