Topbox Review: February 2016

Happy February! Normally I find February to be quite dreary and it’s that time of year when I am really over winter, despite being a solid member of team winter. This year is an anomaly though, because February in Edmonton has been amazing! We have had lots of warm temperatures and no snow, so it feels a lot like spring and that has really helped to get me out of my winter slump. Of course, February also means Valentine’s Day and talking about love… which brings me to this month’s Topbox and some new loves for me!

February 2016 Topbox

February 2016 Topbox

February’s Topbox Included:

I received my Topbox right before the weekend and haven’t had a lot of time to play with everything yet but so far, I am loving it all. The Pop Beauty eye liner in inky purple is pretty solid and the smudger that comes on the end of the pen is pretty awesome. I am all for a multi-functional eyeliner. I really like the colour because even though it’s dark, the purple tone adds a little pop that makes it feel less intense compared to a black eyeliner. I have used the Smashbox photo finish primer before and liked it, although I haven’t used Smashbox in quite a while. My favorite product from this month’s box has to be the Nova Scotia Fisherman’s sea salt soap. I have been using this as a hand soap and it is fantastic – I like that it doesn’t dry out my hands despite frequent use. I also like that the soap stays pretty firm without melting really quickly into nothing like a lot of the soaps that have moisturizers built into them. This has definitely moved up my list of soap products and I think I will probably order more once I have finished using up the sample. I haven’t used Morgan Taylor nail polishes before and it is not a brand I am familiar with, but I have to say, I was fairly impressed with the swatch test I did. The later alligator is a creme polish in a bright kelly-ish green and it went on beautifully. I only did a single coat and it was opaque, even and really just so easy to apply, you couldn’t even tell it was a quick swipe across the nail – it looked like I actually tried to paint my nails. I really like the colour as well since this is not a shade of green that I have at all in my stash as it is a little outside my comfort zone, but I am excited to put together a green manicure – just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

As usual, I paid $12.60 for my Topbox and the value of this month’s box was $37.68, which is pretty good, especially considering how well matched the items are to my tastes. Overall, it’s another great box for me – keep up the good work Topbox!

February Topbox: Total Value – $37.68

  • Pop Beauty Kajal Pen in Inky Black – $10
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Classic Primer – $10.41
  • Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Skin Care Sea Salt Soap – $1.44
  • Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in Later Alligator – $15.83

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