Topbox Review – November – December 2015

Happy New Year! Is there a point when it is absolutely just unacceptable to say Happy New Year, especially when you’re trying to wrap up the previous year? I will admit that the holiday season completely wiped me out – it was one of the most social months that I can remember and it just bled into exhaustion for January. I have toned things down significantly for January but that also means lacking all motivation to turn on my computer. So as I try to get my groove back, let’s chat about the November and December Topboxes.

November 2015 Topbox

November 2015 Topbox

November’s Topbox Included:

When I saw the November box I was pretty ambivalent about it – I mean it has a few things that I could use but nothing mind blowing. I am testing the Face Shop character mask right now as I write and so far, I am liking it but I will admit the puppy design on it kind of freaks me out! My skin is feeling quite hydrated and looks a little brighter, so that’s a win. I am still dubious of the character designs but I could see it being a fun thing you do with friends or just to make your face masking experience that much more interesting. My favorite product out of this box is the Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme lip care – I was going to give it away at first but a friend commented on instagram that she really liked it so I kept it for myself and boy am I glad I did! This winter is killing me with dryness and this has been a fantastic product for keeping my lips from flaking as much as usual and I use it a lot, especially on windy days. I haven’t gotten around to using the Benefit Air Patrol Eyelid Primer because I have been horrifically lazy and bypassing a lot of eye make up especially since I am wearing my glasses more so it doesn’t feel as necessary to do too much beyond eyeliner and mascara. Benefit rarely disappoints me so I am fairly confident that this will be another product that delivers. I am not a hairspray kind of person so the Revlon hairspray, while interesting is not something that I will be testing or using. This one is definitely going to be shared with someone who could probably use it more than I can.

December 2015 Topbox

December 2015 Topbox

December’s Topbox Included:

December’s box is not the most value laden box that I have received, but nearly everything in it is ideal for my winter survival kit. Edmonton winters are dry and this year has felt extra dry for me so the products in this box are great for helping combat that dryness. The Fruits & Passion hand cream is great to keep in my purse for on the go moisturizing and the scent is not overpowering, which is great because I feel like I am quite scent sensitive. The SeaRX moisturizing lotion is waiting to be tested since I own a lot of moisturizers that need to be used up first, although I think that this one seems interesting with the inclusion of birch sap. The Hask smoothing deep conditioning treatment is great and definitely makes my hair smoother and less frizzy. I have only used it once because I am not a patient person and letting a deep conditioner sit for 10 minutes at a time is too much for me. I had to squeeze the treatment into a bottle instead of storing it in the pouch since I didn’t use all of it at once. I do wish this had different packaging but *shrug* you just have to sort it out some other way. Finally, we get to the Cuccio nail polish, which I thought it was a repeat for the So So Sofia that I received back in May 2013, but is actually a slightly different buttercream like polish. The Cuccio website describes it as a french soft pink, but it looks more on the nude-ish side to me. Regardless, it’s a fairly sheer colour that will require several coats to get to an opaque state and I would never wear it on it’s own as it is not my best colour – pale shades are typically not my jam. I would probably use it as a top coat though or as a quick single sheer coat to give my nails a little bit of shine.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

I paid $12 + GST ($12.60) for each box and while the value of the boxes were more than that, they were definitely on the lower side compared to other boxes I have received in the past. Of course value isn’t the sole factor in determining if I keep subscribing or not – it’s all about whether or not the products I receive are relevant enough to me to make the box worthwhile.

November Topbox: Total Value – $27.19

  • The Face Shop Character Mask – $3.00
  • Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer – $14.25
  • Nova Scotia Fisherman XTreme Lip Care – $6.95
  • Revlon Professional Style Masters Hairspray Modular  – $2.99

December Topbox: Total Value – $14.55

  • Hask Smoothing Deep Conditioning Treatment – $1.77
  • Fruits & Passion Cucina Regenerating Hand Cream (Coriander and Olive Tree) – $5
  • Cuccio Nail Lacquer in Gazing in Genoa – $4.21
  • SeaRX Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion – $3.57

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