Topbox Review: September – October 2015

As my November Topbox is getting ready to ship, I feel like I should really get on the ball and fill y’all in on my September and October boxes. I would love to say that with such a long delay in writing this post, it must mean that I have had time to test everything in these two boxes, but that is decidedly not true. I have barely looked at these two boxes and have really just left them out on my mail table. Some months, I truly fail as a blogger… but regardless, at the very least, I can share what I received. *insert sheepish smile here*

September 2015 Topbox

September 2015 Topbox

September’s Topbox Included:

September continues the trend of mainly full size product in my boxes! I don’t know what is going on, but I have received a lot of orange nail polish in various boxes and Topbox joined the club in September. I think this must be a sign that I should be jumping back on the Edmonton Oilers bandwagon (Go Team!). To be honest, orange nail polish kind of works for me, so I am not horrified by this colour, but I haven’t opened it at all considering I already have at least 2-3 *other* orange polishes. This is my first Ciaté London product, but I know a lot of people seem to like their products, so the next hockey game I go to (aka Jan 2016), I will probably give this a shot. The Curl Keeper Leave In Conditioner is something I am not sure of since my hair is wavy/straight and not curly curly and I don’t know if it will be too much for my hair. I also don’t know if the description of “softens rough dry hair” applies to me, so I am going to see if my mama would be interested in this or if a friend with truly curly hair wants it. The Saints Eyeshadow works for me since it’s a fairly neutral colour, but this also begs the question of how many neutral eyeshadows can a girl own? I have so many that I am tempted to buy something bright and ridiculous just to balance out my collection. The So Susan Lip Dome is a nice colour but it feels a little weird since the tip is plastic-y and it doesn’t feel like you’re using a lip product. It actually reminds me of when I was a kid and playing with “fake” makeup that parents buy their 6 year old girls. This is a fairly decent box and while I didn’t use any of it, I think it has potential for me and/or a few friends.

October 2015 Topbox

October 2015 Topbox

October’s Topbox Included:

October’s Topbox arrived so quickly that my package came before the shipping notification was emailed to me! I liked the October box a lot since all of the items included are things I like and can use. The Be Delectable Hand Cream is going to be used very soon as I am suffering from the autumn/winter dry skin that comes as Edmonton’s dry cold starts kicking in. One of my instagram/twitter peeps mentioned that she received this in one of her boxes and really liked it, so I am pretty excited about this one. I have reached that stage in life where I use day creams and night creams – all in the name of anti-aging, so the Elizabeth Arden Night Cream will be making it’s way into my night cream rotation. Some times I think that I should just consistently stick with a single brand of cream but I can’t help trying all these different brands and if I am receiving these in all my boxes, why would I want to go out and buy more? The Emani Bamboo Setting Powder is an interesting one and I think that when I finally get to trying it, it has the potential to be a winner. Of course powders are not really in my makeup rotation, so it will take me a long time to work my way through my current stash before getting to the Emani powder. And last but not least is the Make Up For Ever mascara… I don’t have anything against mascaras but I have more mascara than lashes, so I am fairly certain this is going to be sitting for a while or will be gifted to a friend who needs mascara.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

Again, my September and October Topboxes were an excellent value with each box coming in at least 4 times what I paid for it ($12.60). Despite my overwhelming stash of beauty supplies, the great value and amount of new to me brands that Topbox introduces me to are what keeps me hooked on their boxes!

September Topbox: Total Value – $53.25

  • Ciaté London Nail Lacquer in Speed Dial – $15.00
  • Curl Keeper Styling Collection – Curl Keeper Leave in Conditioner – $2.25
  • Saint Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Angels & Demons – $24.00
  • So Susan Lip Dome in Rhubarb Rouge – $12.00

October Topbox: Total Value – $69.07

  • Be Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream – $12.00
  • Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Night Cream -$6.60
  • Emani HD Bamboo Setting Powder – $34.00
  • Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara – $16.47

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