Living La Vida Local: Bling on 124 Street

I wasn’t planning on writing another Living La Vida Local post so soon but I found a home decor shop that I have never heard of before and had to share this with y’all right away. Today my pal Cindy and I were going on our own little 124 Street shop crawl and we walked past the coolest looking store and just had to stop. While Bling is new to 124 Street, it is not new to Edmonton as they recently relocated from their space near City Hall over to 124 Street.

Bling at 10612-124 Street

Bling at 10612-124 Street

I probably wouldn’t have noticed Bling if they hadn’t displayed colourful pieces along the edge of the window and if they hadn’t put out the cute patio furniture on the street. All of this was enough to intrigue us into wandering down the stairs into the space. Everything in the store was laid out beautifully and my first thought was “oh I don’t know if I can afford anything in here”, but the owner was very approachable and so friendly – the first thing he told us was that Bling strives to get interesting items (most with a Canadian connection) in at affordable prices! That was a relief as I saw many gorgeous items that I would love to buy… Below are a few photos I snapped in store, but I would encourage you to check out their facebook page (or pop in yourself) as there are many other photos of items they’ve brought in.

So many interesting things in here!

So many interesting things in here!

These cake stands are what drew my attention from the street

These cake stands are what drew my attention from the street

Who doesn't want a metal stag in their home?

Who doesn’t want a metal stag in their home?

The Philip Starck Mademoiselle chair is so eye-catching and would be a fantastic accent piece… This chair retails for over $800 and Bling has it on sale for under $400. If I had some extra cash lying around, I would probably think really hard about buying it!

Of course with so many tempting objects calling my name, I couldn’t leave Bling without picking up something for myself. The cake stands above caught my attention when I was walking by but it was another set of cake stands that I ended up buying. I picked up the medium cake stand for 50% off and couldn’t resist the small one to complement it. Y’all will probably be seeing these two here in future blog posts!

Cake Stands

My cake stands!

One thing that I really like about Bling is that once an item goes on sale, the price doesn’t change as they bring items in for specific sales. So if I want to go back for more 50% off cake stands, it will be the same price weeks from now as long as no one else buys it first. Currently they are having their relocation sale so there are some good deals to be found.

They are also having another sale for the 124 Street Shop Culture event on July 30 with some items being 80% off! The 124 Street Shop Culture event has over 30 different shops along 124 Street participating and there is a scavenger hunt you can complete to enter to win a fabulous prize package (I heard it was worth over $1,000!). Cindy and I already made plans to hop down for the Shop Culture event  – maybe we will see you there!

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

My cake stands cost a total of $40 + tax and the medium pink cake stand regularly retails for $40 and I have seen similar cake stands of that size for even more, so at $20 – it is a great price! The small white stand was a little more expensive at $20, but I really liked the way it looked with the pink one. I could have picked up a small pink stand for $10 (50% off) as well but it was just too much pink for my taste.

Overall though, I found that Bling really has some unique items and a lot of it is quite affordable. Of course there are some pieces that are over my budget but I definitely applaud their efforts to have an excellent mix of things to fit everyone’s budget!

2 thoughts on “Living La Vida Local: Bling on 124 Street

    • Bling in all its forms is so hard to resist but it is definitely worth a stop in… Even if it is to look at beautiful things. 🙂


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