Topbox Review: May 2015

Well… May just completely breezed by and it definitely ended with several very warm days here in Edmonton. And with nice weather comes all the crazy fun events and no time to blog, which is why I forgot about my May Topbox until now. May’s Topbox was filled with brands I have never tried like The Face Shop (is it one word or three separate ones??). The Face Shop has opened a few brick and mortar shops here in Edmonton and I have seen them, but never bought anything from them before. My understanding is that The Face Shop is a Korean company that is introducing North America to the wonder of Korean beauty products… as a fan of Asian beauty products, I was very excited to see and try their products in this month’s box!

May Topbox

May Topbox

May’s Topbox included:

So far I have only tried The Face Shop’s Seaweeds Moisturizing Pack, which is a moisturizer that you put on right before bed and keeps your skin hydrated all night long. I will have to say that I have found that my skin does feel a little more supple in the morning compared to my old night cream. I like the light formula of The Face Shop’s Seaweeds Moisturizing Pack – but when it says to avoid the eye area, you should definitely listen… I got some a little too close to my eyes and boy did it burn! I wasn’t able to find the seaweeds moisturizing pack on The Face Shop’s website so I hope that it is something I can find in store because I really like it! Since I am quite happy with the moisturizing pack, I have pretty high expectations from the Herb Day Cleansing Foam Aloe but as this is my newest cleanser, it will be a while before I get around to using it. The Medusa’s Makeup Eyeshadow is a mineral eyeshadow with some glitter in it and I think that it would be a great product for creating a dramatic smoky eye, which is probably not something I would do much over the summer – I like to keep things a little more natural at this time of year. I am currently not doing much with my hair in terms of style unless as straight as possible counts, but I think the D:FI Reshapable Spray will come in handy for those days I am too lazy to straighten my hair and leave it a little messy and wavy.

While I haven’t played around much with this month’s products, I feel like they are a pretty good fit for me and I can envision how I want to use each one, which is a good starting point. If I can’t see myself using something, there is pretty much no value to me regardless of how expensive it is… Too bad I am so bad at applying that philosophy to all my other shopping habits!

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

I paid $12 + tax ($12.60) for this month’s Topbox and while it isn’t my highest value box in terms of dollars, I will still use everything. Despite a slightly lower value, the items in the box are not tiny, so that is a good sign for my wallet if I want to buy more in the future. Low prices and decent quality – that is the best way to live the “Big Plans, Small Budget” life.

May Topbox: Total Value – $21.42

  • The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Foam Aloe – $3.53
  • The Face Shop Seaweeds Moisturizing Pack – $3.27
  • Medusa’s Makeup Eyeshadow in Amulet – $8
  • D:FI Reshapable Spray – $1.62
  • $5 off a $30+ purchase discount card from The Face Shop – $5

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