Living La Vida Local: Yellow House Consignment

I have been thinking about which local business I wanted to talk about next and I have a great list of places in Edmonton that I love, but wanted to focus on one that is a little newer or maybe less well known, so it’s very serendipitous that I recently learned about Yellow House Consignment. I originally found Yellow House Consignment on Instagram where the owner Miranda posts photos of all the beautiful items she has for sale. I chatted with Miranda for a few minutes at her open house event and learned that Yellow House Consignment has only been open for about 3 months. She said that she does take items in from consignors in addition to purchasing some from thrift shops etc. Miranda is already full for summer consignors, but she may be opening up space for consignors in the Fall – I know that I will probably be contacting her about consigning a few things once I get around to cleaning my closet!

Miranda hosted an open house this past weekend and I was able to pop over after running a few errands to check out everything she had in stock. The quantity of clothing was actually quite surprising to me since Yellow House Consignment is run out of Miranda’s home and items are generally either sold via facebook, instagram or appointments. There were several racks of clothing and lots of these had not been photographed and posted online yet. I wish I had a nice photo to show y’all but unfortunately, the sun was streaming in through the wrong angle for me to capture all the racks. Miranda has a lot of great brands (I saw Anthopologie, Michael Kors, BCBG and more) and she even had items from local designers like Fridget Apparel!

I took a bit of time to browse through everything and found lots of things that I thought my friends would love, but alas as items are a final sale, I couldn’t pick them up and return them if it didn’t fit my friends, so I just focused on myself (it’s such a hardship). There were several items that I loved, but they were not the right size – sadly that is the downside of consignment shopping. As I shopped, I did notice that most items were very reasonably priced – many were in the $10 – $35 range!

So what did I buy? I think anyone who knows me knows that I can’t pass up a cute a pair of shoes… I have been obsessed with shoes that have faces on the front and I found this pair of T.U.K. Foxy Herringbone Heels at Yellow House Consignment and died. At first glance, I was almost 100% sure that they would be too small, but the shoe fairies were looking out for me as these fit perfectly! In addition to the heels, I also found a cream/pale yellow Gap purse that had the cutest bird pattern on the inside lining. There were a few other pairs of shoes that I liked but those were unfortunately the wrong size. Sad face for me, but happy face for my wallet?

My Yellow House Consignment Purchases: T.U.K. Foxy Herringbone Heels and a small Gap purse

My Yellow House Consignment Purchases: T.U.K. Foxy Herringbone Heels and a small Gap purse

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

In total my two items cost $20… say what?! Because I had RSVP-ed for the open house, I received a $2 discount voucher for purchases over $10. The T.U.K. Foxy Herringbone Heels were $12 and the Gap purse was $10, which I think is a steal considering that both are in very good condition and the shoes themselves retail for $65 USD (according to the T.U.K. website).

I love the idea of thrift shopping and browsing consignment stores since there are always opportunities to find unique items and it is certainly a more sustainable way of living, but I have to admit that sometimes I just don’t have the patience to flip through racks of clothing searching for styles and sizes that I want. So being able to scroll through an instagram feed or facebook photo page is really appealing to me – once I find things I like, I can just message Yellow House Consignment and make a quick appointment to try things on. There is a degree of efficiency here that I just love, so you can be sure that I will definitely be keeping my eye out on Yellow House Consignment’s facebook and instagram page from now on!

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