Guilt Free Snacking with CheeCha Puffs + Giveaway

Guilty snacking… I don’t know about you, but there are those rare occasions where I feel a little bit of shame over my poor food choices. I really do try to keep things in moderation but there are days where I make nothing but bad decisions and spend the whole day eating snacks or hiding the fact that I am eating snacks. Thankfully, that is not a typical day in my life, otherwise this blog will be full of chips, candy, popcorn etc. 😉 I am also glad that I haven’t reached the stage where I have to hide my snacking like Andrea, Jackie and Suzanne in the videos below.

Luckily, CheeCha Puffs is on a mission to help people avoid guilty snacking by offering a healthier alternative to the snack options out there. For those that are unfamiliar with CheeCha Puffs, they are a hot air puffed potato snack, so they are a lower calorie choice compared some of the other potato snack/chip products out there. For example, you can have three times the amount of CheeCha Puffs to potato chips for the approximately the same number of calories! Somehow it sounds excessive to eat 63 CheeCha Puffs, but it’s so easy to eat 19 potato chips. Just a note for my gluten free friends, CheeCha Puffs also has a gluten free line of puffs that still pack a bunch of flavour.

So why am I talking about snacks and CheeCha Puffs in particular? Well, as it turns out, May is the Canadian Celiac Association’s Celiac Awareness Month and CheeCha Puffs dropped me a line asking if I would test and review one of the products and do a giveaway for a CheeCha Puffs prize pack. And because I’m all about sharing – I agreed to try a bag out and share a prize with one of my Edmonton (and area) readers!

Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper CheeCha Puffs

Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper CheeCha Puffs

Because it is Celiac Awareness Month, I decided to grab a bag from the gluten free line of CheeCha Puffs. I was really looking for the Sea Salted Caramel flavour since I am a sucker for the salty/sweet combo, but alas my local Safeway did not have it in stock, so I went with my second choice of Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper. I wasn’t really quite sure what to expect from the puffs because I’ve tried various types of air puffed/air popped chips and haven’t been the biggest fan. When I grabbed one of these out of the bag, the first thing I thought of was the Korean style “onion ring” chips, which I love! The texture is actually quite similar as the CheeCha Puffs have a light but satisfying crunch to them and the sea salt and spiced pepper flavour is much more grown up than the “onion” flavour of my childhood. Normally, I find gluten free products a little weird tasting, but these were really quite good and I think the flavour profile of this bag was fantastic- it wasn’t overly salty and the spiced pepper just added that little touch of something something. If I didn’t stop and remind myself to snap a photo of my bag, I would have probably eaten them all in one go! Good thing a bag of CheeCha Puffs is not nearly as high in calories as a bag of chips.

As I mentioned, I bought my CheeCha Puffs from Safeway, but they are also available across Canada at Walmart Supercentres, and in Alberta at Sobey’s, Safeway, Co-Op, Community Natural Foods Calgary and other retailers. I have seen CheeCha Puffs retail in store for around $3/bag, and while it seems expensive for a 70g-105g bag – these are lighter than a regular potato chip, so you still get a fair amount of product in each bag.

Giveaway! [Contest Closed]

EDIT: Congratulations to Neko01 on winning the giveaway! 

Now for the part y’all been waiting for – I have a package of different CheeCha Puff products to give away to one lucky reader. Inside the prize pack, we have the following flavours (edit: There was a small mishap with the Sea Salted Caramel CheeCha Puffs, so I replaced it with the Mesquite BBQ, Fiesta Salsa and Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper, sadly I couldn’t find Sea Salted Caramel in the many stores I checked):

  • Tomato Ketchup (105g)
  • Triple Cheese (105g)
  • Crispy Dill Pickle (105g)
  • Mesquite BBQ (105g)
  • Fiesta Salsa (Gluten Free) (70g)
  • Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper (Gluten Free (70g)
  • Sea Salt and Vinegar (Gluten Free) (210g)

Before we get on to how you can enter – here are some ground rules:

  • You must live or be willing to meet me somewhere in Edmonton (we can negotiate a meeting place and time) to pick up your prize pack.
  • You must use a valid email address to enter as that is how I will be contacting you.
  • Contest ends on Friday, May 29, 2015 at 10pm (MDT) – CONTEST CLOSED

So how do you enter:

  • Mandatory entry: Leave a comment below letting me know what flavour of CheeCha Puffs you would try.
  • Bonus entries (please let me know in the comments which ones you have done and include your twitter/instagram handles):
    • Follow CheeCha Puffs (@CheeChaPuff) on Twitter (+1)
    • Follow me (@Argenplath) on Twitter (+1)
    • Follow CheeCha Puffs (@CheeChaPuffs) on Instagram (+1)
    • Follow me (@Argenplath) on Instagram (+1)
    • Share one of the Snacking Pride images from CheeCha Puffs on Instagram and tag @Argenplath, @CheeChaPuffs and #DontHideHavePride. (+1, max once per day)
    • Tweet the Following: Don’t Hide, Have Pride & Enjoy Guilt Free Snacking with @CheeChaPuff! Win a CheeCha Puffs package from @Argenplath. (+1, max once per day)
    • Tweet the Following: Don’t hide your snacking like Andrea does. Have Pride! Enjoy Guilt Free Snacking with @CheeChaPuff. cc: @Argenplath (+1, max once per day)
    • Tweet the Following:Don’t hide your snacking like Jackie does. Have Pride! Enjoy Guilt Free Snacking with @CheeChaPuff. cc: @Argenplath (+1, max once per day)
    • Tweet the Following: Don’t hide your snacking like Suzanne. Have Pride! Enjoy Guilt Free Snacking with @CheeChaPuff. cc: @Argenplath (+1, max once per day)
Disclosure: While I was contacted by CheeCha Puffs’ PR agency and asked to review the product and host a giveaway, I was not monetarily compensated for this post. All opinions on the product remain my own.

10 thoughts on “Guilt Free Snacking with CheeCha Puffs + Giveaway

  1. Am curious about the fiesta salsa flavour…haven’t tried those 🙂 love the others though! Already follow you on Twitter and ig…now also following cheechapuff on Twitter 🙂


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