Downtown Dining Week 2015: Share at Westin Edmonton

It is one of my favorite times of year – Edmonton Downtown Dining Week! Downtown Dining Week is really great for trying out restaurants at a reasonable price (lunches are $15 and dinners are either $28 or $48 for 3 courses). I do try to get out and try at least one new restaurant but I also make a reservation for The Marc every single year. This year’s event launched on Friday, March 13, 2105 and I got started right away with a dinner at Share in the Westin Edmonton on Saturday. I had heard rave reviews from everyone who attended the Downtown Dining Week launch party about Share’s dessert option, so I knew I had to try it and luckily Teresa was game for dinner.

Frissee and arugula dressed in white truffle dressing, topped with smoked duck breast, shaved ham, grated foie gras, pickled mushroom, confit tomato, and chives

Frissee and arugula dressed in white truffle dressing, topped with smoked duck breast, shaved ham, grated foie gras, pickled mushroom, confit tomato, and chives

The first course was the Salad Gourmand, which had frissee and arugula dressed in white truffle dressing, topped with smoked duck breast, shaved ham, grated foie gras, pickled mushroom, confit tomato, and chives. There were a lot of components in this salad and it was quite flavorful. The smoked duck breast and the sweet confit tomatoes were fantastic, but I found the mushrooms a little too pickle-y for my tastes, although Teresa did like it. What a great start to our meal!

Alberta fresh lake pickerel in crispy free range chicken skin, wild chanterelle mushrooms, spiced sweet potato puree, bacon, and wild mushroom volute

Alberta fresh lake pickerel in crispy free range chicken skin, wild chanterelle mushrooms, spiced sweet potato puree, bacon, and wild mushroom volute

Part of the reason why I also wanted to try Share was because their main was a fish option. My personal preference when dining out is always a fish dish so the Alberta Chick’erel sounded perfect for me. Teresa is not a fan of pickerel but even she enjoyed this dish. The fish was cooked beautifully while the crispy chicken skin wrapped around it gave it good contrast in texture. At first, I thought the chicken skin was a little unnecessary but the more I ate, the more I liked the textural differences in each bite. I do like mushrooms a lot, especially chanterelles, but I found the ones in my dish a little odd – they were quite dry and chewy, so I ended up eating around them. Everything else on the plate was fine, although I do feel the bacon was a little unnecessary – I don’t think I even ate them because I wanted to save room for dessert.

Milk Chocolate Ovaltine Bar, Caramel popcorn, caramelized banana,  and fennel pollen

Milk Chocolate Ovaltine Bar, caramel popcorn, caramelized banana, and fennel pollen

Ah… the star of the meal was dessert – the Milk Chocolate Ovaltine Bar more than lived up to the hype! While Teresa was taking all her photos of this dish, I just set about demolishing it. The chocolate bar was soft and chocolately without being overly sweet. Bananas are not my favorite type of fruit but these caramelized bananas definitely helped cut through the richness of the chocolate and gave it an extra dimension of flavor. The caramel popcorn was a nice touch as it added some much needed crunch to the dish. I hear that this shows up regularly on the Share menu, so I am going to be going back for another Milk Chocolate Ovaltine Bar very very soon.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

My dinner was $28 + tax and tip… This was a fantastic value as I am sure mains at Share probably run in the $20+ zone let alone having a 3 course meal. My meal was quite delicious, despite a few quibbles, but I would eat any of these dishes again in the future. So if you’re on the hunt for an affordable dinner this week – check out Share in the Westin Edmonton and their Downtown Dining Week Menu. Just a side note – our meal was very leisurely paced so it ran for 3 hours but I did see lots of people get out much quicker than we did (probably closer to the 90 minutes – 2 hour mark).

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