Adventure Planning – Hello Las Vegas!

Happy Galentine’s Day! I did not realize this was a thing until my twitter feed filled up with mentions of Galentine’s Day, but I think this is super great because you have to celebrate more than your love for your love. I love all my besties (and there are many) so much that I am going to take advantage of this ‘holiday’ to say “Homies, I ❤ you!” (not that I really need a holiday to say that).

And really is there a better way to commemorate your everlasting friendship than a girls’ weekend away in Vegas? recently asked me what I would plan for a girls’ weekend at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas… while this may have been a hypothetical question, I have decided it needs to become a reality (hopefully this summer!). So let’s all get in the mood for fun weekend planning with some good ole Katy Perry.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been in Vegas – the last time was to celebrate a milestone birthday and while I had a blast, it was a very busy few days. This time I think that I am going to lean on the relaxed side and not do as many things but spend more time doing the things I am interested in.

First of all, I am no longer a poor grad student so I can probably actually spring for a room at the Cosmopolitan instead of just being a random tourist gawking at the fancy setting. I love the look of the Cosmopolitan though, it has that gorgeous ultra-chic feel – the giant chandeliers definitely help there.

To me, Vegas is just so over the top and this is where I get in trouble. Shopping is pretty much the number one item on my list and we are definitely going to the hit up all the outlets and malls. Last time I came home with 4 pairs of sunglasses (I still haven’t worn one of them) and I know that I will probably buy even more this time – Vegas is sunny and protecting my eyes is very important! I didn’t really spend much time in the hotel shops last time but there are some neat stores at the Cosmopolitan. Namely EatDrink, which has ties to the various restaurants at the hotel and sells the Cosmopolitan Restaurant Collection’s Chefs’ ingredients, tools, gadgets etc. My inner (and outer) food explorer is salivating at the prospect of picking up a few things here. Also sitting on my cool list is the U*tique Shop, which is open 24/7 because it is the world’s first interactive and automated store. It’s essentially like a fancy vending machine or online shopping and receiving your purchase right away – talk about instant gratification!

In between all that shopping – I am definitely going to let my food explorer side loose, calories are not a thing in Vegas. The Cosmopolitan restaurant list is pretty interesting – Jose Andres and Scott Conant both have restaurants concepts there and I am going to insist on checking out a few of these places (I.e. China Poblano, Scarpetta). But something I look back fondly at is the Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan – this was literally the only reason we went in last time! It’s really New York style pizza by the slice but there’s no signage directing your attention to it and I think the “secret” location just adds to the experience. And while I am sure we could stay at the Cosmopolitan all weekend, we will not because I need a Bouchon fix – I love their macarons and brunch so so much. There are a bunch of hidden gems throughout Vegas (off the strip) that I want to try too, like some of the izakayas and late night dim sum (for the novelty of dim sum at 2am).


I wasn’t joking about the Bouchon Bakery macarons – I gently carried boxes home.

Going hand in hand with all the food will be drinks… I have noticed a trend (at least here in Edmonton) of restaurants putting together top-notch cocktail menus. I can only assume that Vegas is the same because we all know that Edmonton is not a trend setting type of city. I refuse to walk around with a giant Eiffel Tower filled with cheap alcoholic slush (let’s keep things classy), so I am going scope out The Chandelier, Vespa Bar and The Neapolitan of Las Vegas (home of cocktails and ice cream!). All three list hand-crafted cocktails in their descriptions and ideally this is how I would like to wind down (or up) an evening out with my bffs.

Of course Las Vegas has so much more to offer than just eating, drinking and shopping, but these are what we would spend the bulk of our time doing (mainly shopping if I have my way). I feel like it’s Vegas tradition to catch a show or two, so we will work that in (*ahem* Britney Spears!), and the Linq High Roller (aka the giant Vegas ferris wheel) is definitely a go despite my fear of heights and ferris wheels.  I imagine my friends would love some pool time too but as I hate (like really really hate) tanning, I am probably going to pass on the three pools at the Cosmopolitan for a nap (indoors). So that’s my idea of a fun trip – is your Vegas weekend completely different?

Disclosure: While I was asked by on what I would do if I planned a girls’ weekend at The Cosmopolitan, I have not been compensated in any way, shape or form to write this post. If/When I go to Vegas – these are all things I would consider doing.

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