Topbox Review: December 2014

Well… so much for ending the year on time with a December Topbox post in December, but no matter – I shall make a resolution to be a better, less procrastinating type of blogger this year. Happy New Year and I hope you’re having a marvelous start to 2015!

So I caved to the idea of Black Friday back in November and bought two items from the Topbox sale… Both of which were shipped with my December Topbox. My Topbox arrived right before the holidays and I barely gave it a second thought as I rushed to get ready for Christmas etc (yes – I am a procrastinator in everything I do, not just blogging), so here we go…

December 2014 Topbox

December 2014 Topbox + Black Friday Goodies

December’s Topbox included:

I haven’t had a chance to touch the items in my topbox, but I will say that at first glance, I don’t hate the items in here. I am most interested in the Eslor foil packets since they are a brand I haven’t heard about before and I am always on the lookout for new skincare brands. I like that the Faith Aromatheraphy and Apothecary shower gel is made with sustainable and organic ingredients, but the smell is a little overwhelming as it is quite sweet and cinnamony. I quickly tested the Kinetics nail polish and I do like how nicely it smooths itself out, even when I slapped on a single coat. The colour is not my favorite shade of purple as I prefer a plummy purple and this leans more towards grape. I don’t tend to use mineral eyeshadows, mainly out of habit more than anything else, but the Marsk eyeshadow will be a good stepping stone for trying it mineral based makeup, although the gold colour scares me a little bit with how vibrant it is… I just assume that there is something as too much gold eyeshadow.

Black Friday purchases:

I have to admit, I don’t love the idea of Black Friday sales in Canada – it seems so insane, especially with all the “Canadian” Black Friday sales (after our Thanksgiving), followed by Pre-Black Friday and then Black Friday, The sheer number of ads pushing the Black Friday concept in Canada just annoys me so I was planning to stay strong in the face of this, but alas, I did succumb and bought these two items from Topbox. I have seen the Belvada day cream on the Topbox site but wondered about it because of the pearls and gold flakes, but I refused to pay $90 to essentially buy a gimmicky product. I still haven’t used it as I remain a little skeptical and leery of it, but hopefully I will find the courage to test it out soon. I am always on the hunt for nail polish, especially if it is slightly neutral with a little glitter, so the Teeez nail polish seemed like a good match. I did a quick swatch and the formula is a little thinner than I prefer and the champagne-ish colour is a little blingier (that’s not a word) than I expected, but I feel like I can use this as a top coat over a very neutral base colour.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

My Topbox was $12.60 and with three full size products, I think it was definitely a good value for money. There was nothing I hated in the box and I can always use everything I received, so I remain optimistic about my investment in Topboxes as 2015 continues on.

December Topbox – Total Value: $68.29

  • Elsor Introductory Collection (Soothing Refiner & Cleanser, Botanical Peeling Gel, Chlorophyll Lifting Mask, Firming Collagen Day Cream) ($17.80)
  • Faith Aromatherapy and Apothecary Gingerbread Shower Gel ($15.99)
  • Kinetics Nail Polish in Ice Smoothie ($12)
  • Marsk Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in Rich List ($22.50)

My Black Friday purchases cost $15.75 and I wouldn’t have bought them if there wasn’t a substantial discount. The Belvada day cream was selling on Topbox for $90 but on their own website, it is listed as $199.99 – I don’t know who would pay that much for this, but it is certainly not going to be me. The Teeez nail polish retails for $15 and I am doubtful that I would have paid $15 for this or if I did, my level of disappointment would probably be greater as I have much higher expectations for $15+ nail polishes. All in all – I am happy with what I paid for these items as I think the value matches my expectations of how they did/will perform.

Black Friday Purchases – Total Value: $105

  • Belvada One Moment Essential Day Cream ($90)
  • Teeez Chain of Stones Nail Lacquer in Pretty in Pyrite ($15)

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