Broadway imPress Press On Nails Review

Yikes! It has been a long time since my last post, but life has been absolutely crazy these past few months. I remain hopeful that I will be back on a semi-regular schedule soon. For now though, let’s talk about Broadway Nails and their new imPRESS press on manicures. I have never used press on nails before in my life as I’ve always been a little intimidated by them and didn’t believe that they would live up to my full expectations, so this was a new experience to me. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have tried the Broadway imPRESS manicures either if Influenster didn’t send me a few to try.

Duo of imPRESS Nails I received in my Influenster Voxbox

Duo of imPRESS Nails I received in my Influenster Voxbox (Hottie and Working Girl)

I received the two sets of nails shown above (Hottie and Working Girl) from Influenster and while I appreciate patterns, these two were much too loud for my personal tastes. I would never wear them as a full set of nails but would maybe consider it for an accent nail, although I fear they will most likely sit in a drawer until I can give them away to someone who wants them.

Since I didn’t love the Influenster provided nails, I went out and purchased a set of imPRESS manicure kits in a much more subdued style and tested those instead. Below you will see the set I bought for myself (Wink Wink) and compared to Hottie and Working Girl, it is definitely much less attention grabbing but yet still super cute.

Trio of imPRESS Nails

Trio of imPRESS Nails (Hottie, Wink Wink, Working Girl)

The imPRESS manicure was incredibly easy to use and made it ridiculously quick to go from application to doing something else. The whole process can essentially be broken down into four simple steps:

  1. Make sure your nails are clean/dry and then use the enclosed prep pad on your nails.
  2. Match the press on nails to your own nail sizes (there are 12 different sizes (x2 of each) to choose from) and line them up in a row so you don’t use the wrong ones.
  3. Peel the backing off the press on nail.
  4. Press firmly on to your own nail and voilà you’re good to go!

While there are 12 different nail sizes, many have incrementally small differences between them, so I think that it is possible to get a second manicure out of the package, which is a win! I had a full manicure within 10 minutes and with no drying time, I was ready to head out the door immediately without worrying about ruining my nails.

Final results - 10 minutes later

Final results – 10 minutes later

The Wink Wink nails were a huge hit for me and I got a lot of compliments on them. In fact, a lot of friends and co-workers asked me where I got my nails done and most were really impressed that they were press on nails. I found the nails to feel relatively natural and they didn’t get in my way like I thought they would. The only times I ran into issues with having press on nails was when I needed to open containers with tight lids as I found it hard to use my nails to give myself leverage while opening the containers.

The wear time of these nails was also fantastic – I managed to keep them on for a full 6 days before I lost my first one. I probably would have been able to keep them for longer than a week if that one had stayed on as all the other nails were still in really good shape when I went to remove them. As such, the removal process was a little difficult as there was still good adhesion between my nail and the press on nail. The steps to removing the nails was quite straightforward:

  1. Try to lift the edge of the press on nails.
  2. Once you have a small area lifted up, use nail polish remover around those edges and after a minute, the nail should peel right off.

At the end of the removal process, my own nails were none the worst of wear, which is a total 180 from that last time I had (salon attached) artificial nails on. All in all, I would say that if you’re looking for a quick and cute manicure, the imPRESS manicure would be an option over using nail polish or hitting up a salon.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

While I received Hottie and Working Girl from Influenster, the Wink Wink pattern was around $9.99 + tax, although I have seen them for as low as $7.47 at Walmart. The wear time and resiliency of these nails make this relatively good value for your money and it is even better if you can get 2 manicures out of a single kit. Although you would get way more wears for the price if you used regular nail polish, you would also have to deal with chipped nails, drying time etc.

So, if you need a patterned manicure and can’t do it yourself (like me) or don’t want to pay salon prices, this is a great alternative. I know the next time I need fancy nails for an event or just a quick pick me up, I am going to look to Broadway Nails and their imPRESS manicure!

 *Disclosure: I received this complimentary voxbox from the Influenster program for testing purposes, but have not been compensated monetarily for this review. All opinions remain my own.  

One thought on “Broadway imPress Press On Nails Review

  1. I have used imPress nails for almost 2 years. I have a real collection going on. I absolutely LOVE these nails? Especially since they do have a few styles in the oval tips. I also learned to watch for loose nails. I purchased a bottle of kiss glue so when one is lose I touch it up with a bit of glue and am set to go. I usually get close to 2 weeks out of a mani and compliments are always being made about all the different colors and accent nails. Coolest thing I have found in a long time..


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