Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree Giveaway

I have lived in Edmonton all my life and every year I hear about The Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree and year after year, I never go. Well that is all about to change because this year I will be able to attend on opening night! I was completely clueless about what The Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree was all about – I just assumed that it was a choral concert where people sing while standing on a gigantic tree. Wow, was I ever wrong (this is a pretty much going to be a theme for this post) – The Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree Foundation is an amazing organization that works to support the Edmonton community in many different ways. For example, this year, The Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree Foundation made $50,000 donations to the Edmonton Food Bank and Santa’s Anonymous and also donated musical instruments to three elementary schools. The Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree Foundation wants to bring Christmas all year round to children in need through gifts, food, and music education, which I think is an incredible mission.

While The Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree Foundation does a great job, the show they put on is supposed to be quite spectacular! And as expected, the heart of the show is the 35 foot tree filled with 150 singers, but there are also several featured performers as well. Check out a clip of The Singing Christmas Tree from last year’s show here:

Beyond the impact the show has on the audience, the show also makes a huge impact on the performers themselves. For instance, Nana Yaa Boadu has been singing in the show since 2010 and recently sent John Cameron (executive producer) an email about the impact The Singing Christmas Tree has had on her life here in Edmonton. Nana had moved to Edmonton from Ghana to pursue her PhD in Public Health and she said that holidays can be very lonely without any family in the city. However, since her involvement in The Singing Christmas Tree, this is no longer the case. Nana has received an outpouring of kindness and generosity from her fellow performers. They have welcomed her into their homes and families for every holiday celebration. Nana shared that The Singing Christmas Tree has really changed her life here in Edmonton. Nana’s story is only one of many showcasing how The Singing Christmas Tree impacts the lives of those involved with the show. Here’s a short clip of Nana performing Joy to the World in 2012 as a small taste of the talent on display at the show:

Doesn’t this sound like an awesome event? I am super excited to be going and I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway to the December 19 (opening night) show! If you aren’t able to win tickets to what promises to be a heartwarming show – you can purchase tickets here!


The giveaway closes on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at noon (MST). Tickets will be available to be picked up at the will-call window at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. [CONTEST CLOSED] 

Congratulations to the winners: Sonia Murillo and Nathan Van Neck!

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P.S. My pal Linda is also giving away tickets if you want to maximize your chances of winning tickets: http://linda-hoang.com/giveaway-tickets-to-the-edmonton-singing-christmas-tree/

9 thoughts on “Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree Giveaway

  1. the thing i most look forward to at any holiday is the food & drink!
    this year i have discovered sticky toffee pudding is not that hard to make thanks to chef elaine wilson i will be making that for my friends and family celebrations.
    thanks for the opportunity


  2. I’ve lived in Edmonton my whole life and have never seen the singing Christmas Tree. My kids are now 8 & 6 years old. I would like to start a new holiday tradition for them to adore.


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