Just Another Manic(ure) Monday: NARSxPierre Hardy ‘Easy Walking’

Hello June (and Monday)! This past week, I picked up my favorite nail polish of the moment from Sephora and I cannot stop raving about how much I love this. So on this wonderful Monday, I present to you the limited edition NARS x Pierre Hardy nail polish duo in ‘Easy Walking’. There are 6 different duos and while I want them all, I am being frugal and have only purchased 2 (second set coming up on our next Mani Monday). I decided to start with ‘Easy Walking’ because it is NOT available on the Sephora online site so if you’re interested, you may have to sprint to your local Sephora store to find it or order it off the NARS site. I struggled with this week’s song, but I finally decided to go with ‘Walking on Sunshine’ to celebrate my joy over this awesome nail polish and my hope for a lovely June where I can spend my days walking on sunshine.

NARSxPierre Hardy - Easy Walking Duo in a mini signature Pierre Hardy box (and dust cloth)

NARSxPierre Hardy – Easy Walking Duo in a mini signature Pierre Hardy box (and dust cloth)

The NARSxPierre Hardy collection is inspired by Pierre Hardy’s 2013 high fashion shoe collection and I love this rose gold and camel colour combo so much. I would buy it in shoes and wear it on my nails. I have started looking to potential dupes for these since this is a limited edition duo and while I can find some similar colours in the rose gold, I have been struggling a lot with the camel.

NARSxPierre Hardy Easy Walking duo - Camel

NARSxPierre Hardy Easy Walking duo – Camel

The formula of this polish is fantastic and like Schiap, I love the high gloss shine to this polish and the quick drying time. The rose gold wasn’t as shiny, but that is because it’s a bit more of a foil. The colours are so complementary and the difference in texture turned out really nice too. Both polishes probably only needed one solid coat to be completely opaque but I did two because the single coat wasn’t leveling out the way I wanted (two coats did the trick though!). I did notice a little bit of staining on my nails from the camel polish so it’s definitely one you want to put a base coat under.

NARSxPierre Hardy Easy Walking duo - Rose Gold

NARSxPierre Hardy Easy Walking duo – Rose Gold

The wear time on this was phenomenal – I managed to get through 4 days with minimal tip wear and probably could have made my manicure last for 5-7 days if I didn’t take a huge chunk out on the corner of my filing cabinet. There are so many different ways to pair these colours together and if you have steady hands, I would suggest you go forth and make beautiful designs. If you’re a bit messy and unsteady like me, just highlighting a different colour on a single finger or using one on your fingers and the other on toes would be great too.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

The limited edition colours are retailing for $32+tax and these are full size polishes so on average they are definitely cheaper than a single bottle of NARS polish. These worked out to $16/polish and single polishes are $22 each so this is a great deal on some absolutely gorgeous colours. If you love any of the NARSxPierre Hardy polishes – I would suggest you run not walk to your nearest NARS retailer as my local Sephora was almost all sold out, although there seem to be more available online.

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