Brunching at The Makk on 124 Street

I have been meaning to get myself down to The Makk on 124 Street ever since they opened but I am a procrastinator and never got around to doing it – it even took months to pick up a gift certificate I won from them over twitter. However, I finally managed to go and have a meal at The Makk last week, mainly because my gift certificate was going to expire at the end of May. I really like breakfast/brunch foods, but I normally never wake up early enough to beat the lines, so it was great that The Makk does take reservations (no line!) and A was willing to come down with me. The Makk had just changed their brunch menu, so A and I were fortunate enough to be one of the first few people to sample items on the menu.

When I arrived at The Makk at 11, which is heading more towards lunch than brunch, I was shocked that there was almost no one there. I don’t know if this is reflective of the Edmonton brunching culture (do Edmontonians not like brunch?) or if not many people know The Makk offers a Sunday brunch? Anyways, the first thing on my agenda was coffee and lots of it – throughout our entire meal, my coffee cup was always full, which equals huge points in my book.

Coffee at The Makk

Coffee at The Makk

Despite my love of breakfast and brunch foods, I don’t really like to eat them at breakfast or brunch time, so I knew that I was going to go with something a bit lighter, which is why I convinced A to share the charcuterie board with me plus one other dish.

The charcuterie board came with honey ham, genoa salami, havarti cheese, brie, crackers, chocolate ganache tarts and savory onion tarts. I really enjoyed this board as the havarti and brie were very creamy and just great with the ham and salami, but the winners were definitely the tarts. The onion tart was hands down my favorite and I kept saying ‘I really should ask if I could just get a whole bunch of these to go.’ The chocolate tarts were at the perfect level of sweet for me and I really liked them too.

Charcuterie Board with Honey Ham, Genoa Salami. Havarti and Brie

Charcuterie Board with Honey Ham, Genoa Salami. Havarti and Brie

Charcuterie Board with Chocolate Ganache Tarts and Onion Tarts

Charcuterie Board with Chocolate Ganache Tarts and Onion Tarts

After we demolished that very tasty charcuterie board, we were feeling a little full but we still had the Makk’s signature pure pancakes with lemon curd and berry syrup on the way. I adore lemon curd so I had high expectations for this dish and it did not disappoint. The pancakes were gigantic and we both blanched a little bit when we saw the size of the dish and we made a valiant effort but unfortunately we weren’t able to finish everything – in total we probably only had a quarter each. The berry syrup was a nice departure from the usual maple syrup and the lemon curd gave this a wonderful tartness. I doubt that I could ever eat the entire order, but I really enjoyed this dish and would not hesitate to order it again.

Makk Signature Pure Pancakes with Lemon Curd and Berry Syrup

Makk Signature Pure Pancakes with Lemon Curd and Berry Syrup

All in all, we had a great brunch at The Makk and will definitely be back to try their other menus soon. Also if anyone is looking for Sunday Brunch – I suggest stopping by The Makk – they take open table reservations and while it did pick up over the course of our meal, there were still empty tables to accommodate walk-ins.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

Our total bill came out to $39.38 + tip, but because I had a $25 gift certificate, our bill dropped down to $14 + tip, which is a great deal for the two of us at ~$10 each! My friends laugh at me a lot because I enter random contests all the time, but I always feel like if it’s not particularly onerous, there’s no harm in entering to win something – you might even win and you can take them along as your date/partner in crime (sharing is caring!).

The bill breakdown is as follows:

  • Coffee x 2 – $5.50
  • Charcuterie Board – $18.00
  • Makk Signature Pancakes – $14.00

Overall, I thought the portions and prices at the Makk were relatively reasonable and no more than I would pay at other places. Plus the portion size on those pancakes was so big that I would be full from trying to eat maybe half of that. In the end I was glad that we were able to try the Makk (the gift certificate expiry was a good motivating factor) and will be back for brunch soon.

5 thoughts on “Brunching at The Makk on 124 Street

  1. i totally would NOT have ordered either of the tarts- but you make them sound yummy! if i find myself at the makk will def try them out!
    and i LOVE that you used a WON gift card — my kind of fun times–i LOVE contests and the only thing i love more than winning myself is when someone else i know wins! congrats
    su 🙂


    • Thanks Su – The tarts were super tasty – I hope they are always going to be part of the charcuterie board

      lol I love entering contests – it’s one way of making my lifestyle (which I love a lot) more affordable. By saving money here, I can afford to attend more expensive events (i.e. Indulgence 2013). 😀


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