Wantable Jewelry Box Review: May 2013

I am a bit excited to share with y’all a new subscription box available called Wantable and I am happy to say I got my hands on one of the very first boxes shipped to Canada! They are officially launching the Canadian subscriptions on May 24, 2013 and there are two options available – a makeup box and/or a jewelry box. These boxes are really designed to be tailored to each individual and I did an extensive survey when I ordered my box. As I have so much makeup floating around, I thought I would do something different and try out the jewelry box, although if I had to be honest, I also have too much costume jewelry. The makeup box comes with 4 – 6 premium full size products, while the jewelry box has 4-5 boutique jewelry pieces and again all the items are picked out for you based on the contents of your survey. What I really love about the personalization survey is the option to rank your preferences for certain styles by indicating whether you love, like or dislike something and the best thing is that you will never get anything in the category where you’ve said dislike.

Wantable Jewelry Box

Wantable Jewelry Box

The shipping time on my box was incredible – it shipped on May 16 and was in my mailbox on May 22 – I couldn’t believe how quickly this arrived. My package came in a sturdy cardboard mailing box with everything packed inside bubble wrap and tissue paper. The first piece of jewelry that fell into my hands was the Clea necklace, which is a long, gold chain that can be doubled up and layered, although I would probably wear it as a single strand. Now I just have to decide what I want to wear with it.

Clea Necklace

Clea Necklace

Next came the Kate bracelet, which I will admit I don’t really love, but oddly enough Argenplath Mama seemed to like it so it will find a good home with her. I think the biggest barrier for me is that this bracelet reminds me of those copper/ion bracelets that you see on late night infomercials and I just don’t think I could ever wear it without my mind constantly making infomerical type comments like “for three separate payments of $9.99, this bracelet could be yours…”*shudder* The Kate bracelet can expand to fit different wrist sizes and I imagine it might look really nice on people with tiny wrists.

Kate Bracelet

Kate Bracelet

The second bracelet I received was the Gloria bracelet and this one might be a bit too much for other people but I really like it. I am a huge fan of big-ish bracelets and “pearls” so the mixed media with the “pearls” and shiny silver metal is kinda cool for me. I also like that you use snaps to put the bracelet on, but if your wrist is quite small, it would be hard to keep this one on.

Gloria Bracelet

Gloria Bracelet

I have saved the best for last because the Juliet earrings are literally perfect for me. If I saw these in a store, I would have totally bought them. The scroll details and the shimmering stone accents on these are so lovely and very me. The bronze-y gold colour is great because I rarely buy this colour so it will be a different piece to add to my collection.

Juliet Earrings

Juliet Earrings

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

The Wantable subscription is $36USD per box or if you only wanted to purchase a one-time box, it would be $40USD, but you can unsubscribe at any time so if you really did want to buy a single box, I would suggest going for the subscription and saving yourself the $4 and then unsubscribe right afterwards. In addition to the box price, I also paid $5USD shipping, $1.80USD tax and $3.21USD for duties, which brought my box to a total of $46.01USD or ~$48CAD, so this is by no means a super inexpensive box. Luckily, I had signed up awhile ago when there was a free first box offer so I will have only paid the shipping etc. price of $10.01USD for this box, which is a huge WWAP win! I don’t plan on discontinuing my subscription just yet, mainly because Wantable allows you to skip boxes if you decide you don’t want one during a particular month, so I may occasionally choose a box as a present to myself but I don’t really see that happening more than once every quarter or so. If this wasn’t nearly $50/box, I would probably subscribe for most months because I think they have done a great job of tailoring the pieces they sent to my preferences and I liked nearly every piece I received. The retail value of this box was double the price I paid so there is certainly value there – I just wish I could work it into my monthly budget. The total value of my May Wantable box was $102:

  • Clea Necklace – $24
  • Kate Bracelet – $26
  • Gloria Bracelet – $28
  • Juliet Earrings – $24

So after all that, I would say if you can afford to splurge on a Wantable box, it’s a pretty awesome option especially based on my first experience with them. The shipping was quick and I didn’t seem to have any issues with ordering my box either, and I received my refund pretty quickly which is why I think Wantable is ridiculously awesome.


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