Not Your Mama’s Sandwich at the SWICH Pop-Up

This past Mother’s Day, I had the opportunity to attend the SWICH Food Truck pop-up lunch. I had originally RSVP’d for 2 with the plans of taking Argenplath Mama, but she decided instead of hanging out with me or Bel, she would just go out with Argenplath Papa. So I went with Andrea (who has already blogged her thoughts) and enjoyed a very delicious lunch!

SWICH is an artisanal sandwich truck that will be making all everything in their sandwiches from scratch! I love the fact that they are taking this route of doing everything themselves and I think it really says a lot about their philosophy towards food. No word on exactly when SWICH is going to be rolling out, but they do anticipate being out late May and have hinted at being parked in the North and South sides of the city. So without further adieu, let’s get this pop-up started.

We were offered mimosas and Thai bourbon teas on this lovely Mother’s Day and they were both very good, even though I held back a little bit since I was in charge of driving home. I don’t know what was in this tea other than bourbon but it was very tasty…

Thai Bourbon Tea

Thai Bourbon Tea

The first sandwich that we were presented with was a Thai ham sandwich on a fresh baked hoagie with tamarind mustard – the ham was cured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and fish sauce. This was a great start to our lunch as the bread had good texture and the ham had amazing flavor – the balance of flavors in the ham was perfect and the fish sauce wasn’t overpowering like it can be.

Thai Ham Sandwich

Thai Ham Sandwich – Tell me this doesn’t look yummy

I didn’t know what SWICH could possibly follow up with after that excellent ham sandwich but they completely blew my mind with the deliciousness of the Thai Green Curry Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich had a Thai green curry deli chicken, pickled bamboo and a Thai green curry aioli served on the softest pretzel bread I’ve ever had. I love green curry so the jam-packed green curry-ness of this sandwich was amazing and it wasn’t an overwhelming flavor – it was flavorful yet subtle. The only thing I would want to add to this sandwich is more pickled bamboo, I loved that as it gave the sandwich a necessary crunch especially since the bread was so pillowy soft. Oh the bread… was just so good that I want y’all to go and try it for yourself when SWICH rolls out.

Thai Green Curry Chicken Sandwich

Thai Green Curry Chicken Sandwich

Our last savory sandwich of the day was a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich made with Wagyu beef from Southern Alberta. SWICH is the only place that serves this beef in Edmonton and they have taken the time to brine, cure and smoke the meat themselves. The very tender beef was served on ciabatta with a sauerkraut aioli and red cabbage. As someone who doesn’t really like sauerkraut, the aioli was a great way to go because you get a light hint of sauerkraut in every bite.

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

And finally, we were offered dessert in the form of ice cream sandwiches! We had lemongrass ice cream sandwiched between two thin ginger cookies and wow was that ever delicious. When I heard the description, I have to admit, I was a bit leery of lemongrass ice cream because I know that lemongrass can be quite strong, but with the ginger cookie, it was this beautifully balanced dessert. I really like ginger, so I actually wanted a slightly stronger ginger cookie but then it might overpower the other flavors. I don’t know if this will be served on the SWICH truck, but I definitely hope it will be!

Ginger Lemongrass Ice Cream Sandwich

Ginger Lemongrass Ice Cream Sandwich

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

So after all is said and done, I paid $15 for my SWICH lunch and I am quite happy with that. While the individual sandwiches were not full size (who could realistically eat 3 whole sandwiches anyway?), I was comfortably full afterwards and the quality of food certainly made up for any issues someone could have with portion sizes. You could certainly taste the difference in the bread and meat in each sandwich compared to the stuff you get in store – the care and dedication to doing everything from scratch is reflected in the taste of each sandwich and I think that’s 100% worth the price we paid. I also loved that I got a sneak peek of what’s going to be coming out of the SWICH food truck and I am hooked and cannot wait to see what other yummy surprises they have up their sleeves. Follow them on twitter (@SWICHFOOD) to see when and where they will be rolling out this year!

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