Just Another Manic(ure) Monday: NARS ‘Schiap’

Happy Monday? Spring has been so on and off that I can’t figure out if it’s actually here or not, but that’s not going stop me from transitioning out of my winter style. For instance, I’ve traded in my boots for flats but my concession to cooler temperatures is that I am wearing socks with my flats (I hate socks) and I am moving towards brighter colours with my nail polish, which is of course why this week’s Mani Monday is NARS’ Schiap. This colour is appropriately bright and bubble-gummy and makes me think of the uber-catchy song Barbie Girl by Aqua – so here’s the earworm of the week?

I have had Schiap for the longest time and struggled to figure out whether or not it is for me, but I think I have finally decided to embrace the brightness and just go for it.

NARS Schiap

NARS Schiap

This is a shocking/vibrant pink and I would almost venture out and straight up call it neon. It is an attention getting colour and sometimes I will apply a light sparkly topcoat to tone down the brightness of the colour, but it’s pretty fabulous on its own too.


For someone who has struggled with wearing this colour – the bottle is surprisingly half gone! The application of this polish is awesome – with the right amount, you could probably get away with one coat. I have two coats on here and it is completely opaque. There is a beautiful shiny finish to the polish and it dries pretty quickly. The NARS brush is probably my favorite one out of all the polishes I have – The brush is just perfect as it is the right size for my nails so I can cover them with 2-3 strokes without streaks and making a mess. The squareness of the lid is also great for me since it has a lot of surface area to grip, which leads to more control. The combination of these two things led to no clean-up at all since I managed to “colour within the lines”.


Schiap has excellent wear time for me as I can stretch it out for 4-5 days with minimal chipping and tip wear. I actually get tired of the colour and trying to match my clothes with it before I really need a polish change.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for this, but it currently retails for $21+tax so it’s not one of the cheaper polishes out there. I am a huge NARS fan in general and the one thing I love about them is the vibrancy of their makeup and nail polishes, but I am not really a bright nail polish kind of person so I don’t own any other NARS polishes.

I did have a dupe-ish colour with a Zoya (I *think* it is Layla) polish from my Glossybox but the application of the Schiap was easier and it lasted a bit longer for me. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative – try the Zoya, but I do like Schiap better (and that’s not just because I love NARS).

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