An Affair to Remember: Campus Food Bank Mac n Cheese Affair

Last week, I attended the 5th Annual Campus Food Bank Mac n Cheese Affair with A, Andrea, JP and Teresa. The Mac n Cheese Affair is a fundraiser for the campus food bank (CFB) and I really believe in supporting them because they do such amazing work for the University community. The speeches really highlighted the various types of people they help, it’s not just students, but also staff and alumni. Food insecurity is such a major issue these days and it’s heartbreaking to hear of how people have to make a choice between food and other basic necessities, so having an organization like the CFB to give members of the University community a helping hand is beyond important and I was happy to attend the Mac n Cheese Affair for such a great cause.

Campus Food Bank

Campus Food Bank Information Banner

When we arrived at the event in Lister Centre, we were asked if we wanted to purchase a door prize ticket, which came in these balloons. Tickets were $10 each and each balloon had a $10 gift certificate to Pink Lime and a chance to win other door prizes like gift certificates to restaurants.

Door Prize Balloons

Door Prize Balloons

I grabbed one of these although the idea of popping it later on in evening was a bit scary (childhood trauma = popped balloons). We happened to be seated at a table with Mayor Mandel and while he wasn’t able to stay for the entire event, he did purchase door prize balloons for all of us at the table. Although we couldn’t be sure which balloon was the winning one (we think it was one of the balloons from Mayor Mandel), our table did win the big door prize of a $250 chef’s table at Earls.

Door Prize Winnings

Our Door Prize Win!

Our mac and cheese meal was quite delicious – no kraft dinner here! We had a caesar salad, buffalo chicken mac and cheese, and garlic bread. The mac and cheese was delightfully cheesy but not so rich that you felt gross afterwards. The caesar salad was fine and since it was buffet style, I was able to add lots of croutons to mine! I also really liked the crunch of the garlic bread and wished I had gone for a second slice.

Mac and Cheese Dinner

My Mac and Cheese Dinner

Dessert was a sticky toffee pudding, which was reminiscent of a Werther’s Original candy for me. The texture was great but it was a tad on the sweet side for me once you hit about the halfway mark. I thought Aramark did a good job catering the event and it was very generous of them to donate both the venue and food for the event!

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

In addition to the door prizes, there was also a silent auction with lots of cool items. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to win any of them – many of the ones I loved quickly rose out of my price range. Teresa did manage to get a signed Ryan Nugent-Hopkins photo of his first career hat trick, but that involved a lot of circling around the auction forms at the end of the evening.

Silent Auction Items

Some of the silent auction items up for grabs!

In between presentations and eating, there were lovely performances from local artist Erin Faught from Collective West and CFB member Shayenne Herder. Both of these ladies can really sing!

Shayenne Herder and Erin Faught Performance

Shayenne Herder and Erin Faught Performance

Overall, I thought the CFB did a wonderful job organizing this event and I was glad I could attend. One of my favorite things were the different facts on the back of the name cards. It was such an awesome way to present information to the attendees! I also loved how organized and well thought out the program was – they did not run late at all and it just gave the evening a good flow.

Mac n Cheese Affair Program, Donors and Name Cards

Mac n Cheese Affair Program, Donors and Name Cards

 So What Would Argenplath Pay?

My general public ticket was $33, while student tickets were $22 (after the eventbrite fees) and since all the proceeds of the event went to the Campus Food Bank, I would say it was worth the price of admission. It was a sold out event and everyone seemed to have a fun time! I hope they were able to meet their $9,000 fundraising goal and while this event only happens once a year, the CFB does take donations all year round, so if you’re able to help them with food or monetary donations, I would certainly encourage you to support such a great organization.

3 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember: Campus Food Bank Mac n Cheese Affair

  1. looks awesome! Just have to ask one question though. Did all of you decide to meet next year on the top of Empire State Building? (I figured when better to sound cheesy than when reading about Mac ‘n cheese)


    • haha maybe not on top of the Empire State Building (unless there is Mac and Cheese to be had) but possibly at the 6th Annual Mac n Cheese Affair… 🙂


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