Killer Pho at King Noodle House

It’s a long weekend and I’m loving it especially since it’s the first long weekend in a long time where I didn’t have to be working on school things and I can literally do whatever I want (no repercussions!). So what I did was spend an epic Saturday afternoon eating and drinking to my heart’s content.

I kicked things off with lunch at King Noodle House in Chinatown with Andrea and Teresa. We’ve been trying to make plans to check out King Noodle House forever and finally the stars aligned and we made it in for pho. A great bonus was that Linda (@lindork) was also there and I was finally able to meet her in real life (after lots of exchanged tweets)!

King Noodle House

King Noodle House!

I have eaten a lot of pho in my life and Edmonton has some really great places but I am shocked that I have never been to King Noodle House before. I wouldn’t consider myself a pho expert but I do know what I like and King Noodle House delivers in my humble opinion.

There are a lot of different combinations on the menu but I found my favorite at number 29, which is a pho with beef balls, steak and tripe. The broth was lovely and had good flavor – I did hold back a little bit in drinking all of it since I had Winefest (post coming soon) to still attend right afterwards. King Noodle House does not skimp on the meat in the pho either which is very much appreciated! I was comfortably full after eating my small pho (which is a pretty decent size compared to other phos I’ve had) and I don’t think I could ever finish a large although I’m sure I know a few people who would love the large – I saw another table with large bowls and they were LARGE…

Number 29: Steak, Tripe and Beef Balls Pho

Number 29: Steak, Tripe and Beef Balls Pho

I did ask for no cilantro on my portion but Teresa had cilantro in her number 29 and I will admit that it adds a little bit of colour and visual appeal, but I refuse to let cilantro touch my pho as it is one of my most hated foods ever.

Number 29: Steak, Tripe and Beef Balls Pho with Cilantro

Number 29: Steak, Tripe and Beef Balls Pho with Cilantro (ewwww) – it does look prettier than mine though.

Andrea went for something a bit different with the number 21 which just had beef balls and tripe (also without cilantro). It was my second choice but I was feeling a little bit like a lion so opted for more meat.

Number 21: Tripe and Beef Balls Pho

Number 21: Tripe and Beef Balls Pho

Overall, I really enjoyed my pho experience at King Noodle House – the pho was delicious and service was efficient and friendly! It was definitely worth the trip into Chinatown and I will be coming back the next time my pho craving kicks in.

King Noodle House
10613 97 Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

Our small bowls of pho were $7.75 + tax and compared to other places, this is an amazing price! A lot of other places tend to charge $9 or so for the same dish and I don’t think they have as much protein either, so the value for your dollar is there at King Noodle House. If you could finish a large – it’s probably a better deal at $8.75 + tax! In total, I paid $10 for my lunch and enjoyed every single bite of it, so if you’re looking for awesome pho at a good price, I would suggest a little jaunt down to Chinatown to visit King Noodle House. Just a note – it’s a cash only establishment so remember to stop off at the bank machine first!

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