Revlon Selects Review

A few months ago, I applied for the Revlon Selects program and was one of ~500 people selected to receive samples of new products from Revlon to test. While I received these products from Revlon instead of purchasing them, all opinions remain my own and I have not received any additional compensation etc from Revlon.

I got my box of products some time in December and it has taken me awhile to get myself together to test and post my review of the products. Inside my package, I received:

  • Diamond Nail File
  • Nail Art – Expressionist in Vincent Van Gold
  • Nail Art – Moon Candy in Orbit
  • PhotoReady Primer + Shadow in Metropolitan
  • Ultimate Suede ColorStay Lipstick in Backstage

Revlon Diamond Nail File

Diamond Nail File

I only used the nail file once and it works like it is supposed to but it’s probably not going to replace the glass file that I’ve been using forever. I will probably keep this one in my car for nail emergencies especially since I seem to break my nails a lot opening and closing the car door.

Revlon Nail Art - Expressionist in Vincent Van Gold

Revlon Nail Art – Expressionist in Vincent Van Gold

The Expressionist nail polish in Vincent Van Gold was lovely and while I don’t wear a lot of purple polish, I really liked this one with the gold. The formula was pretty smooth although when I rushed a little bit, you could see some bubbles in my nails so I guess the lesson here is don’t slap on nail polish right before you head out the door. I really liked that the gold side of the polish came with a smaller brush, so you could use it as an accent for the purple. As you can see below, I swatched it as a French manicure, albeit, French manicures are not really in my wheelhouse and it’s not the best job.

Revlon Nail Art - Moon Candy in Orbit

Revlon Nail Art – Moon Candy in Orbit

I loved the purple side of the Moon Candy Orbit polish. It is super dark and is a great base for a sparkly top coat. The formula was fine for me and if you do it right, you can get away with only a single coat of polish although I’m more of a 2 coat kind of girl. I will say that because I was messy, it was not easy for me to clean the dark polish off my skin and the sides of my nails, so some patience is needed there. It was fine for me to take off though since I use the Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover and after soaking it for a minute, all the polish was gone. The second side of the polish is a flakie and it was my first time using a flakie polish (usually not my style) and it was sparkly and fun. I am not a huge fan of polishes with large glitter or flakes because it bothers me when my nails don’t look the same and I don’t have the patience to make them look the same. I didn’t mind this one but I probably won’t be using this side of the polish much but that’s just a personal thing.

Moon Candy Expressionist Nail Polish Swatches

Polish Swatches! (apologies for how messy they look)

I actually really liked both polishes and I’ve been trying to find some of the other colours in Edmonton, but I am obviously not looking in the right stores because I haven’t seen any of the Nail Art polishes. If you’re looking for complementary colours in a single container, I would recommend trying these out.

Ultimate Suede ColorStay Lipstick in Backstage and PhotoReady Primer + Shadow in Metropolitan

Ultimate Suede ColorStay Lipstick in Backstage and PhotoReady Primer + Shadow in Metropolitan

As I’ve noted before, lipsticks are not my thing, but I did give the Ultimate Suede a quick test and I did like the colour, which is a berry shade. It went on really smoothly but the day I was wearing it – I completely forgot I had lipstick on and used lip balm all day so I can’t vouch for the staying power since I might have rubbed the colour off. Our ridiculously dry winter is killer on my lips and they’ve been so dry that I haven’t bothered to re-test the lipstick as I am using lip balm like it’s going out of style and I will just rub the colour off again. I will say that I liked the colour and the way it went on so if you’re a lipstick person, you might want to consider test driving one of these.

The PhotoReady primer and shadow is great for work since it’s pretty neutral and I wore it out a few times and it held up ok for me. This is the first time I’ve used a powder primer for my eye shadow – I usually have a gel/liquid type primer, but this one was nice. The colours are neutral so it’s not anything really worth writing home about but again the formula was nice and worked well. My favorite part of this was sparkly gold that went on top of the shadow – it made the colours pop a bit more and it made my look slightly less boring but still professional.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

I don’t have prices for each individual item but Revlon is what I would consider an affordable brand and if you’re looking for decent products, I would suggest giving these a try. The nail polish was a hit for me and I am definitely going to try and hunt more of these down for my collection, especially the emerald polish (nail art Neon) that I saw on Revlon Canada’s facebook page.

I would also consider the PhotoReady primer and shadow if I was travelling and didn’t want to bring along a collection of shadows. There is definitely something to be said for compact, multitasking type items, especially if it leaves more room in your luggage!

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