Argenplath Family Christmas

One of my favorite holidays is Christmas and not just because it means presents, although I love getting presents – I get this immense satisfaction out of opening boxes. I love going out and shopping for the perfect gifts for my friends and family, it brings me so much joy when I get just the right thing for people! But beyond that, I always look forward to Christmas dinner  with my extended family. I know some people cringe about spending time with extended family and whatnot but I think my family is pretty awesome! My cousins are all super great and so much fun – and most importantly, no one pries into anyone else’s private life – we eat, chat and then break out the wii so my little cousins can show everyone how video games are meant to be played.

Our tradition is to have an Asian-fusion dinner on Boxing Day, but we have bucked tradition this year and had Christmas dinner on the 23rd (which is why I have time to blog on Christmas Day). In addition to changing the date, Argenplath Mama also nixed the “Asian” part of dinner – I don’t know if I can handle so much change…

Argenplath Mama always has platters of deli meats, cheese, and veggies out when everyone arrives so snacking happens right away:

Christmas Platters

Christmas Platters

This snacking is incredibly dangerous as you start getting full pretty quickly! I am glad I managed to get some photos before everyone descended on the dinner table – even though my Aunt laughed at me for taking photos of every dish (even the mashed potatoes). Argenplath Mama decided that since we end up with tons of leftovers (that nobody wants to take home) that she would tone down the usual dinner and so there was no lobster in cream sauce, spring rolls or any of the other Chinese dishes (I missed the lobster).

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

So instead we had (from left to right):

  • Prime Rib, Pan Fried Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Carrots,
  • De-boned Chicken Stuffed with Stuffing, Lasagna, Corn, Fried Chicken Wings and Soy Sauce Chicken Wings (the only Asian inspired dish).

As always, Argenplath Mama does an amazing job cooking dinner and one of the perennial favorites is the fried chicken wings. Man I love those wings and my sister recently bought a maple garlic sauce, so we mixed the wings up in that and it was delicious! The stuffing is a personal favorite for me and I always look forward to having them at major holiday dinners… *drool*

As I’ve mentioned before, I love dessert and this year we had a ton of dessert!


Desserts Galore!

Starting from the bottom left and going clockwise:

  • Corn Flake Bars with Toffee,
  • Tray of Nuts and Assorted Salty Snacks,
  • Cheesecake,
  • Candy and Chocolate tray,
  • Butter and Lemon Tarts,
  • Strawberry Jam Macarons.

I forgot to grab a photo of the fruit tray but there was a healthy option available! One of my Aunts brings the corn flake bars every year and I anticipate their arrival every year. These are hands down my favorite from the desserts available this year. I am hoping to get the recipe from her in the near future and will try to have it posted up here on the WWAP blog along with my efforts at replicating them, but she tells me they are not hard to make, because if it is difficult, she wouldn’t make them (hmmm sounds like something I’ve heard before from my turnip cake making Aunt.) 

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

This is another one of those priceless events! Nothing is better than great food shared with family – especially when you love hanging out with your family… The bonus of this year’s event (other than the corn flake bars) was that my cousin-in-law (do we really need to be that specific – I doubt it?) helped clear out a huge amount of my sample stash so I can add more in the new year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family too –  Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Argenplath Family Christmas

  1. wow! this is your ‘lets not have any leftovers’ version of christmas dinner? AMAZING!

    thank you for sharing your family traditions and meals.

    i have enjoyed your blog this year and look forward to seeing WWAP!

    have a great holiday season

    su 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind words Su! Happy Holidays to you too!

      lol this is definitely not a leftover free dinner, although it’s a much better effort than in previous years – most of the dessert went home with others (except for a good portion of the corn flake bars) and everything else got frozen into 5-6 individual dinners.


  2. With so much food, I would personally render the snack tray to “superfluous” ^_~ (Brain: “It’ll take up too much stomach space! IGNORE IT!”).

    The chicken looks AMAZING! I can’t say that I’ve had stuffed chicken before, but is it stuffed with a bread-based stuffing?


    • The chicken was stuffed with the same ingredients as the pan-fried stuffing, so definitely bread based, but also had celery, onions, bacon and a few other things too.


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