International Street Eats – Curry Fish Balls

I think this is the last of my backlogged posts (finally catching up). So way back at the beginning of June, Carmen and Dong hosted another potluck of epic proportions – this time with an international street eats theme. I am starting to really love a good theme party, especially when I get to hang out with a group of fun and interesting people. There were about 18 people at this party including: Addie, Amanda, Marlow Moo’s humans, Phil, Robyn and Teresa. Everyone brought a ton of delicious delicious street eats and with so much food, there was also inevitably a huge amount of leftovers! Check out the spread below:

Street Eats Potluck

Street Eats Potluck (part 1)

Starting from the bottom left and heading clockwise we have:

  • Curry Fish Balls
  • Taiwanese Style Tea Eggs
  • Noodle in a Bag – there were 15 ingredients and sauces (plus instructions)
  • Korean Fried Chicken
  • Dokbokki (Korean Rice Sticks in Spicy Sauce)
  • Partial shot of the table laden with food!
Street Eats Potluck 2

Street Eats Potluck (part 2)

Continuing on with the list of items (again starting from bottom left and heading clockwise)

  • Banana Spring Rolls
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Omelet with Basa and Shrimp inside
  • Turkish Kebabs
  • Lamb Burger
  • Irish Soda Bread
  • Chai Popsicle
  • Lemon Cheesecakes

I loved everyone’s dishes but my personal favorite were the dokbokki – it was just Korean goodness! As usual, we all voted on our favorite dishes and the winning dish of the night belonged to Phil and Robyn’s Chicken and Waffles. Teresa was a close second (again) with her Omelet. This is why Phil and Teresa will be competing in the Taste of Edmonton Food Blogger Challenge.

But what did I make? I did the Hong Kong style curry fish balls and they were pretty tasty despite my late night curry meltdown. I also made too many, but luckily a few people took the leftovers off my hands. I used Cooking with Alison’s recipe and made a few modifications like pre-cooking the fish balls first. I also added medium hot Glico curry cubes (available at stores like T&T and Superstore) into the curry until I got a flavor I liked (maybe 1/3 of a box). Glico curry is not spicy at all, it is a sweet Japanese curry that gives the fish balls that Hong Kong style flavor that I love. While Alison’s recipe is served right away with rice, I decided to let my fish balls basically sit overnight in a pot so they could soak up more flavor and then I reheated them at the party.

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

It’s been a while since the party, but I don’t think the curry fish balls were a very expensive dish to make. I have tons of curry powder and sesame oil left at home and in total I would say I spent around $15 on my curry experiments (I made a failed version for dinner). The fish balls are the most expensive part of the dish and you can get them for ~$3-$4 at T&T and you get 20 or so frozen fish balls in each package. One note about the fish balls – while they look tiny in the package, those suckers can really expand once you cook them up!

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