Glossybox Review: May 2012

Wow… I don’t know where the month of June went but as I wait for my June Glossybox to come today, I realized I forgot to write up my May Glossybox review! This is my first Glossybox and compared to my luxe boxes, I am a much happier camper.

I love the Glossybox packaging as my samples came in a sturdy pink box (yay pink!) inside the shipping box. The Glossybox logo is quite discreet and I am probably going to use mine to store samples and to make up gift boxes for my friends. It would even be a great box for my crafty friends to keep some of their supplies in too. I was thrilled with the packaging and quite excited to open up the box to see what goodies were inside.

May Glossybox

May Glossybox! I love the pink box!

So I received five items:

  • Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo (Full size)
  • Curel Foot Cream (100ml)
  • Pandora’s Makeup Box Lipstick (Full Size)
  • Simple Facial Wash Gel (50ml)
  • Simple Eye Makeup Remover (50ml)

Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo
I have been using this shampoo and I like it. It does give my hair a little bit of volume in the roots, which is where I need it the most. I wouldn’t say that it gives you a ton of volume but I’ve found that no volume boosting shampoo has been able to do that for me anyways. I am not going to complain too much about that since according to my friend’s Mom (who is a hair stylist) getting super volume is really all in how you blowdry and style your hair.

Curel Foot Cream
I only tried this product once since my heels are not looking too bad these days. But I am definitely going to break this out  when my skin gets really dry. I liked that the formula was non-greasy and yet super absorbent.

Pandora’s Makeup Box Lipstick
I am not the biggest fan of lipsticks and lip glosses because my feeling is why bother with the extra 30 seconds of putting it on when it will disappear the second I have a sip of coffee, so I tend to save wearing lipstick for special occasions. I did test this out and while I probably won’t use it regularly, I loved the vanilla smell of it and the colour of the lipstick (it actually works with my colouring). The colour did go on smoothly and seemed to last a little bit longer than some of the other lipsticks I’ve tried in the past. I also really liked the packaging as it seems more eco-friendly than the plastic tubes other companies use.

Simple Facial Wash Gel
I liked this wash gel quite a bit because I find some gels can make my skin feel really dry and tight afterwards, this one didn’t do that. It was also pretty good at removing most of the makeup off my face and left my skin feeling clean. I am planning on taking this with me when I go to Las Vegas on a short trip next month as I think it will leaving my skin feeling more refreshed as I deal with the heat over there.

Simple Eye Makeup Remover
I didn’t test this one out myself but asked my sister Bel to give me a review after using it. Bel was quite happy with this and said she would use it again. It removed two layers of mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow relatively quickly and didn’t sting her eyes during the process. She also like that there wasn’t a sticky feeling after using the product but there was a little bit of gel(ish) residue leftover – similar to the stuff left after you remove a paper mask.

So overall, I was quite happy with the contents of my box because I was able to use everything in the box and the lipstick was at least right for me (colour wise). And because I called Luxe Box out on it (it’s only fair that I mention this here too), I am going to say Curel and Simple aren’t exactly my definition of luxury, high end brands since you can get them at the grocery/drug store but at least they weren’t very small freebie sizes either. Plus getting two full size products did make the box seem even better. A note about shipping, Glossybox ships all the boxes out at once so you don’t really have to worry too much about people sharing the contents of their box way before you get yours, but it also means that boxes tend to get shipped out closer to the end of the month. Even though the boxes get shipped out quite late, I found that I wasn’t charged for the next month’s box until a week or two after I received my box.

So What Did Argenplath Pay?

Thanks to Andrea‘s 10% off discount code, I only paid $13.50 for my first Glossybox (all subsequent ones are $15). I think that when you break down the value of the box, I got way more than I paid:

  • Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo (Full size) – $15.78
  • Curel Foot Cream (100ml) – $3.99
  • Pandora’s Makeup Box Lipstick (Full Size) – $16.00
  • Simple Facial Wash Gel (50ml) – $9.99
  • Simple Eye Makeup Remover (50ml) – $9.99

The total value of the box is $55.75 so that is an awesome deal and even if I give Bel the makeup remover, I am still getting $44.75 of product for me to use.

I am hopeful that this trend of getting stuff that I like and can use will continue with Glossybox, especially since I want to build up a small collection of these pink boxes for gift purposes!


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